Srimad upasakbandhu Brahmachari speaks on preparations of year long centenary celebration of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari during September,2003(Click here to view )
He was born on 10th February, 1949, at Purba Chandkhali village, Post: Jhalokathi, Dist: Barishal, Bangladesh. He was named Ashok Saha (Nickname – Kanchan), in his domestic stage of life.
Parents: Father Late Sri Chintaharan Saha was a self-employed and an ardent devotee of Dr. Mahanambrataji. He used to worship Prabhu Jagatbandhu Daily, with basil leaves in tears of his own eyes. He preached lessons from Gita to all his children.
Mother, Pranbala Saha, was a great devotee and followed all the spiritual practices of Hindu Religion (Faith).
Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachari

Educational Background: Completed his schooling at Jhalokathi Government High School upto 10 th Standards and got through the Matriculation Examination at the age of 15 only.

He was initiated to the spiritual realm at a very tender age of 8 – 9 years; as ‘Naam-Dikhsa' was bestowed onto him. He passed Intermediate Examination (Equivalent to Higher Secondary) in 1966 from Jhalokathi College . While staying at Dhaka Mahaprakash Math, as arranged by Dr. Mahanambrataji, he passed B.Com (Hons.) from Dhaka University in 1971.

Spiritual Attainments: During the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war, he shifted to Kolkata. From then onwards, he was permanently attached to Mahauddharan Math, Kolkata. He stayed there from 1971 to 1982.
In 1976, he was formally initiated to this Mahanam sect and in 1988, he took to ascetic austerities.

He was pioneer in organizing the following activities of the Mahanam sect (As per chronological order):-

Organisational Achievements:-

MAHANAM MELA:; An annual festivity while commemorating the birth day of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachariji. Week long programmes on spiritual discourses, kritans, symposiums, quiz competition, drawing competitions, dramas, musical soirees and other philanthropic activities are the main features.

90 TH BRITH ANNIVERSARY OF DR. MAHANAMBRATAJI: On 25 th December, 1994 , 90 th Brith anniversary of Dr. Mahanam Brataji was celebrated at Kolkata's Mahanam Angan with Great Gusto. A 10 day long celebration was conducted in the presence and active participation of innumerable devotees, poets, VIP's Saints and sages, Scientists, Educationists, Intellectuals, Artists, Literatures and Acharyas of different sects.

CIVIC RECEPTION TO DR. MAHANAMBRATAJI: The civic body of Kolkata, under the Auspices of the Kolkata Civic Committee, organized a special civic reception to confer upon Dr. Mahanambrataji the highest civic onarations.

Mother, Pranbala Saha

BIRTH CENTENARY CELEBRATION OF DR. MAHANAMBRATAJI: A special endeavour was undertaken to commemorate the brith centenary of ‘Bharat Shiromoni, Vaishnavacharya, Dr. Sriman Mahanam Brata Brahmachariji.' This was celebrated all through India and Bangladesh . He organized planning and execution of a year long programme all throughout India and Bangladesh . A special attraction was a 1000 drums (Madal) ‘Nagar Kritan' at the city of joy – Kolkata.

MAHANAM SEVAK SANGHA: Right from its inception he was the Secretary of The Sangha and Principal Office Bearer. He was deeply associated with this establishment and carried out its various activities at head quarter s in Mahanam Angan and its brances at several places in India .

BHAGAVAD PARIKRAMA: As originally conceived by Dr. Mahanambrataji, he restarted conducting peregrination on Bhagavad throughout the length and breadth of this country and abroad.

RENOVATION OF TEMPLES: Temple complexes at Vrindavan and Puri were renovated, refurbished and remodeled under his able guidance and initiatives.

IN-CHARGE OF MAHANAM SECT: Since 1985, he took charge of all the administrative and functional aspects of Mahanam Sect (Sampradaya).