Lecture tour on SrimatBhagavatam by Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachari at Bangladesh from 20th September to 1st October,2010

- A brief Description by Sri Barun Chandra Roy, writer, religious orator and veteran member of Mahanam Sevak Sangha, Bangladesh

Sreemat Upasakbandhu Brahmachariji went on a lecture tour on Sreemat Bhagavatam from 20th September to 1st October,2010 in Bangladesh. On all the twelve days  of his tour he delivered discourses at various places of Bangladesh and created overwhelming impression on admirers of Sreemat Bhagavat  and devotees of these places.


This tour to Bangladesh comprised of various activities continuing for 12 days. His presence reminded us of Sri Gurudev - Mahanambrataji’s visits to Bangladesh. We received him from Akhauda check post in Srihatta from where he arrived at my daughter’s residence accompanied by ceremonial procession and he resided there for eight days (20th to 27th Sept 2010). Next he arrived at my humble abode (Bandhu Niketan) and was accompanied by other ascetics of Brahmankanda Ashram and Dhaka Sri Sri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Mahaprakash Math Sreemat Mrinalbandhu Brahmachari and Sreemat Kalyanbandhu Brahmachari respectively. He stayed here for 28th and 29th of September. He stayed at Brahmanbadiya and Dhaka Mahaprakash Math on 30th September and 1st October respectively. Bangladesh Mahanam Sevak Sangha Central Committee (Shrihatta, Srimangal), Brahmanbadiya                Committee, Bhagavat Sangha (Srimangal), Mahanamabrata Smritii Parishad (Sylhet), and Srimangal Sub-District Committee honoured him with obeisance letters, crests and . He also gave Diskha in each and every place he went to.

Now I shall briefly describe his lectures on Bhagavatam that he delivered during his tour. While staying in Srihatta for 7 days he delivered lectures on Srimat Bhagavatam  everyday at 7 pm and on one of these days he also delivered lectures inn Sri Sri Govindji temple at 11 am. On the first day he began his lecture by quoting the famous lines from Sri Sri Chaitanya Charitamvrita-

“Dui Bhai Hridayer Khyali Andhakar,
Dui Bhagavat Sanghe Karan Sakyatkar”

“The two brothers first removed darkness from man’s heart,
Next they introduced the two Bhagavats to man”

He then proceeded to answer frequently asked questions such as “What is the Bhagavat?”, “What are the ideologies of the Bhagavat?” etc. Then he spoke about the  Yajna or sacrifice of King Parikhyit where he heard the Bhagavat continuously for seven days without rising from his listener’s seat even once, going without food and water for seven days. His excellent delivery and expressions bore such an uncanny resemblance to Sri Gurudev that the listeners were left amazed and astonished. Next he proceeded to speak about the different devotees of Sri Krishna as described in the Bhagavata as if to prepare the listener’s heart and mind for hearing the leelas of Lord Sri Krishna. Finally he entered the enchanting domain of leelas of Lord Sri Krishna and described various childhood leelas such as Birth of Sri Krishna, Dambandhan( the leela in which Mother Yashoda ties the Lord as a punishment to His mischief), the destruction of evil Asuras(demons) such as Aghasura, Bakrasura and Aghasura, divine sport with His Sakhas or playmates in the forests of Vrindavan, Brahmamohan leela, Putana Vadh(destroying of the evil demoness Putana who was sent by Kamsa to kill Lord Krishna), Anna Bhiksha leela(the leela in which the Lord’s playmates begged food from Brahmins and their wives who were blessed by the Lord’s divine grace as they came to the Lord), Kaliya Daman(destruction of the evil serpent Kaliya by Lord Krishna) etc. He also spoke extensively on the leelas of Sri Sri Gour Sundar, and Sri Sri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar and also about Sri Gurudev Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachariji. He received overwhelming appreciation and admiration from the audience.

I will end my article with short descriptions of a few of the many leelas that he described.
Firstly in Putana Vad Leela, Lord Krishna after taking the life of the evil demoness Putana blesses her so that she goes to heaven assigned the duty of taking care of children, because although she came with the intensions of killing, she took the guise of a mother, hence the All-Merciful Lord gave her Dhatri Gati i.e. serving the Lord in heaven as a mother all through her life.
A most amazing and compassionate sport of the Lord is the Dambandhan leela. Mother Yashoda a simple cowherdess ties the All-Mightly Lord with ribbons of her hair while the Lord protests like a mere truant. Tied thus by His mother the Lord rescues to cursed Gods who had been turned to trees by Rishi Narada and turns them to their previous godly forms.
The God of Creation Brahma decides to test Lord Krishna in Brahma Mohan leela. Amazed by the Lord’s simplicity and His close associations with cowherds Brahma doubts the powers of the Almighty and thus decides to provoke Him. The leela ends with Brahma realizing his faults and asking forgiveness for ever doubting the Lord’s identity and authenticity.  
Next comes the leela in which Lord Krishna kills the poisonous and evil snake Kaliya who had become a threat to the loving, simple cowherds and creatures of Vrindavan. The leela is special because it is witnessed by all kinds of devotees of Vrindavan. The people of Vrindavan all loved the Lord but in different ways. The different ways of worshipping the Lord are known as Rasas. Their ways of devotion can be divided into five types – Shanta (those who worshipped Him as the Creator of all beings), Dasya(those who worshipped Him as the Lord and considered themselves His servants), Sakhya(those who considered Him as their friend), Vatsalya(those who worshipped Him as their son, with intense motherly affection towards Him) and Madhur(those who worshipped Him as their lover, sacrificing everything for His affection). The Kaliya daman leela witnesses the gathering of all these different kinds of devotees together like no other leela does.
Finally comes the Anna Bhiksha leela in which a few proud Brahmins are taught a lesson by the Lord through their wives and the wives who were devoted worshippers of Lord Krishna are blessed by His grace.

Thus went on the lectures of Sreemat Upasakbandhu Brahmachari on the Bhagavat for 12 days. Needless to say the discourses left the audience speechless with wonder and admiration for Upasakbandhuji. We eagerly look forward to many more such visits from him in the years to come by the divine grace of Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar and blessings of Gurudev Mahanambrata Brahmachariji.

Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachariji during his weeklong discourses on Srimadbhagabatam at Nimbarka Ashram, Srimangal, Sylhet
. 2
A welcome gate constructed for Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachariji's weeklong discourses on Srimadbhagabatam at Srimangal, Sylhet
A view of the Nimbarka ashram decorated during the weeklong lecture programme on Bhagabatam