The Holi Sitanabami celebration at Sri Mahendrabandhu Angan,Ghurni,Krishnanagar,West Bengal from 5th May, 2014 to 9th May, 2014
The holi Sitanabami tithi is also the day of the appearance of lord Jagadbandhusundar in this mundane world. From the very old times of Mahanam Sampraday, this auspicious day is being celebrated through a week long programme at Sridham Sri Angan ,Faridpur, Bangladesh. In India, as per traditions set by Acharya Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachariji Maharaj, this auspiscious day is being celebrated through a series of programmes at Mahendrabandhu Angan, Ghurni, Krishnanagar,West Bengal where the immortal body of Lord Jagadbandhusundar is lying inside the Holy Samput and the continuous Mahanam Kirtan for past 92 years is being continued. The details of the program and scanned copy of the invitation card are given below.
5th May, 2014 :  
  • 6 PM
Discourse on Srimat Bhagabatam by Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachari, President , Mahanam Sampraday.
  • 8 PM
Evening Arati to be followed by the Adhibas Kirtan of the daylong Nam Sankirtan to be held the next day.
6th May, 2014 : 24 hours Harinam Kirtan
7th May, 2014 : 24 hours Mahanam Kirtan
8th May, 2014 :

The Holi Sitanabami tithi - The 144nd advent day of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar.


Programme - Abhishek of Sri Sri Bandhusundar at dawn.
Also day long (24 hrs) Lila kirtan in eight parts in remembrance of the eight divine past times of Sri Sri Radhagovinda covering the whole day of theirs at the transcedental Vrindavan or Golok dham - ( to be presented by Sri Krishna Pal, Dilip Chowdhury, and Gour Karmakar and their troups )

9th May, 2014 :  
  • Early morning
Kirtan in remembrance of Kunja bhanga leela (divine sport) of Sri Sri Radha Govinda
  • 10AM
Nagar Sankirtan (Procession with the Kirtan of the Holy Names of the Lord throughout the city) in the morning.
  • 12 Noon
Holy offering of the Sacred Bhog (Holy food) to Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar, Sri Sri RadhaGovinda and Sri Sri NitaiGour and distribution of Mahaprasad amongst masses.