Idol of Sri Sri Gour Bishnupriya , Radhamadangopal, Prabhu Jagatbandhusundar and Nitai Gour at the main temple of Mahanm Angan, Raghunathpur



Mahanam Sampradaya or sect, as served by other worthy brahmacharis, is solely dedicated to the great incarnation- Sri Sri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar and is a century old vaishnavite sect.

The Second Acharya of this sect Dr. Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachariji’s name is well known in the religious sphere of eastern India and Bangladesh. Mahanm Sevak Sangha, was specially constituted, mainly by the non-asramite disciples and devotees of Srimad Mahanambrataji, with a purpose of all-round services to the Mahanam Sampradaya.On 19th November, 1976, this Mahanam Sevak Sangha was registered under West Bengal society, with multifaceted objectives of spiritual, social, cultural and service oriented activities.

Acharya Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachariji was the soul of this organisation. Besides service to the Mahanam Sampraday, the other major objectives of this organisation was to provide real shape to his ideologies and thought-processes and also to provide a proper working and living environment to such a great person like him at his old age. This organisation always pledged and committed to follow the path, as dedicated by Sri Mahanambrataji. Under the direction and endeavours of this ‘sangha’, this prime central institution- Sri Sri Mahanam Angan was established on 25th December, 1982.

Sri Sri Mahanam Angan, was established at Raghunathpur, on the western side of the V.I.P road (now Nazrul Islam avenue) about 4 km south of the main entrance to Dum Dum airport. With a 50 feet high dome, this completely white temple, having a tranquil and serene ambience, attracts everybody.On the top of the entrance door at ‘Nat Mandir’, encased in a glass chamber, the dancing ascetic idol of Sri Goursundar, with both the hands at raised position, is an exquisitely beautiful sight. Facing east ward, in the sanctum- sanctorum, the idols of Sri Sri Radhakrishna, Sri Sri Nitai Gour and Sri Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundar are perched on a throne and worshipped there. Along with them, there exists an idol the Divine Couple - Sri Sri Gour- Bishnupriya. On the top of the door of the main temple, Sri Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundar’s Mahanam is inscribed. On the right side there is inscription “Hare- Krishna- Mahamantra”; while on the left side it is inscribed “(Bhaja) Nitai Gour Radhey Shyam; (japa) Hare Krishna, Hare Ram”.

The sanctum- sanctorium, being situated on the first floor, the idols can be seen from the broad nat- mandir and even from the main road. Just below this sanctum- sanctorium is the Bhajan Kutir (Meditation Room) of Gurudev, Srimad Mahanambrata Brahmachariji. He mostly spent his time here. Now you can find there a life size statue of Mahanambrataji which is almost an exact replica, illuminating the complete room along with his used articles and books.
Right at the entrance to the temple, two magnificent banyan and aswattha trees, planted as per the wishes of Brahmachariji, could be found. Under the banyan tree on the right side, there is a small temple housing the full family of lord Shiva. Facing the highway, on both the pillars of the entrance gate – connecting the main road; Gaduraji and Hanumanji are sitting pretty with folded hands. As soon as you enter the Angan, there are two single storied building, one each on both sides of the pathway. On the right side, there is a reception room cum office and on the left side there is Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sevangan or charitable dispensary. There is also a book- stall right at the entrance which is run by Mahanam Prachar Samity which is a another wing run by the devotees of Mahanam Sevak Sangha from Mahanam Angan. Mahanam Prachar Samity is engaged in propagation and distribution of the various publications of Mahanambrta Cultural and Welfare Trust and also in making of various audio-vedio materials. While advancing a few steps forward towards, the main temple, on the right hand side there is a small Sri Guru Mandir. This temple houses a life sized sitting idol of Sripad Mahendraji- the founder Acharya of Mahanam Sect and Gurudev (Mentor) of Sri Mahanambrataji along with the photographs other Acharyas of the Mahanam sect. There, on top of Sripad’s idol, gracious luminaries of Sri Atul Champati, Nabadwip Dasji and Jai Nitaiji. Just below Sripad’s statue, there are clusters of mentors on this both sides:- Kunja Dasji, Prem Dasji, Gopibandhu Dasji, Leela Prakash Dasji, Uddharan Dasji, Satyasevak Dasji, Vrindavan Dasji, Mahadharma Dasji and Mahanambrataji’s photographs.

Temple Main Entrance

All along the northern side of ‘Nat- Mandir’, a long 5-6 feet high glass case contains a series of idols of gods and godesses as wonderful exhibits. There are marble statues of Sri Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman along with black-stone idol of Kashinath, then earthen idols of Panchatatwa, Mahaprabhu, Bishnupriya Devi, Jugal Kishore, Gopinath, a huge sitting Nadu-Gopal, and eight pairs of idols of Sri Krishna and eight principal Gopis, specially crafted for Raas Leela and a pair of idol of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. On top of all these idols, there are lyrics, composed as sonnets, by Sri Mahanambrataji identifying these idols as living gods. On the top side of the Nat- Mandir, there are 14 oil paintings of eminent spiritual personalities of Bengal, hanging from the walls. Mahanambrataji used to pay special respect to these great men as their oil paintings were drawn as per his instructions. They were- Sri Ramkrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Pranabananda, Thakur Sitaram Das Omkar Nath, Bholananda Giri, Swami Mahadevananda Giri, Haridas Das, Dhananjay Das- Kathia Baba, Ramdas Babaji, Bijoykrishna Goswami, Ram Thakur, Ma Anandamoyee, Swami Nigamananda and Swami Durga Prasanna Saraswati. Besides this, there are two fibre glass sculptures of Brajaleela and Gourleela. Besides, there are oil paintings of Sriman Mahaprabhu in standing posture at the Gaduda pillar, 4 pictures of Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar in his ultimate stage of Mahabhav, one photograph of Sripad Mahendraji and two big sized standing oil- paintings of Mahanambrataji in between the sanctum- sanctorum and Nat- Mandir, there is an elevated platform at this juncture; where special devotional songs and programmes are arranged. The stair case to the northern right –side upper level building, leads to the main office of Sri Mahanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust, the publication wing of Mahanam Sampraday. Here stock of hundreds of books mostly written by Dr. Manamabrata Brahmachari on Mahauddharan Lilas of Prabhu Jagadbandhu, Lilas of Radha-Krishna & Nitai Gour and Vaisnavite and other Hindu Philosophy are maintained and sold.

Param Gurudev Sripad Mahendraji's Mandir
On the back side of the western front, there is the beautiful ‘Samadhi-Mandir’ of Sri Mahanambrataji, decorated all around by a flower garden and monk’s quarters. . Few years before leaving his mortal self, Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari established the ‘Paduka Pith’ (a small temple where Paduka used by Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar was being worshipped by him) with an intention to have himself engraved below this. This ‘Paduka Pith’ is now the Samadhi Temple of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari. The ‘Samadhi-Mandir’ built in concrete blocks of a eight cornered room, fully decked up by polished wood, is exquisitely beautiful. This north facing temple, built in the style of Buddhist pagoda, reflects on the controlled sense of beauty and splendor of a simple-living person like Mahanambrataji.
Photo Idol of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari at Samadhi temple
In front of this temple, a martyr podium was constructed, as per the desire of Mahanambrataji, in memory of eight monks of Faridpur Sri Angan, who were killed by the then Pakistani soldiers during the liberation war of Bangladesh. The southern side of the ashram complex is encircled by residential houses of the devotees, Kaminisundari Matrinivas( lodge for women devotees) and Mahanam Palli consisting of ten houses of devotees with family. At the north east corner, there is a three story building, comprising monks’ residences on the ground floor, library room housing scriptures, ‘Prasad’ distribution room at the first-floor and on the second floor, there is an archive containing mementoes of Mahanambrataji and a small auditorium hall constructed in memory of the Birth Centenary of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari. Just adjacent to the Bhajan Kutir of Sri Gurudev, lives his most loving disciple and working executive of Mahanam Angan, Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachariji (Secretary, Mahanam Sevak Sangha and Mahanam sect). There are 10/12 brahmachari monks and 20/25 devotees on service duties, all through the days and night, the temple worshipping services are conducted 5 times a day, starting at 3 AM with Jagaran kirtan, Mangalarati, Sringar Arati, Balya Bhog offering at morning, Bhajan-kirtan, mid-day Bhog offering, afternoon Arati, Discourses on Srimad Bhagbatam, evening Arati, night time bhog offering etc and there is a spontaneous fountain flow of love and devotion. Being well within Kolkata, this Ashram of Maharshi Srimad Mahanambrataji is having a secluded, new-age, serene atmosphere.
Dr Mahanambrata Brahmachari worshipping Prabhu's Paduka at Paduka peeth which later became his Samadhi temple
All around this ashram there is an ambience of devotion, tranquility and peaceful spirituality.
Regular Celebrations:-
Besides celebrating on Sri Sri Radhakrishna, Sri Sri Nitai-Gour and Sri Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar, the following ceremonies are observed at the ashram with great fan-fare:-
Every First Sunday of English Calendar month 12 hrs Dawn to Sunset Nam Sankirtan of the Holy Mahanam is organized.
From 25th december onwards- 5 day long birth day celebration of Sriman Mahanambrataji and foundation day of Mahanam Angan .
Guru-purnima celebration
Mahanambrataji’s death anniversary on durga-navami.
For 20 days, from 13th aswin, the rituals of Aparadh-Vanjan with special illumination and ‘kirtan’ by the Mahanam sect.
A month long Srimad Bhagabad recitals in the month of kartik to observe the rituals of damodar-bratas.
Samadhi temple
of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari
Brahmacharis at present attached to Mahanam Angan, Kolkata :
Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachari (Cell +91 9830051901)
Srimat Bandhugourav Brahmachari (Cell +91 9051735312 / 7044378947)
Srimat Bandhunibas Brahmachari (Cell +91 9836173942)
Srimat Bandhusarathi Brahmachari (Cell +91 9836845441)
Srimat Parisadbandhu Brahmachari (Cell +91 9051567919)
Srimat Harekrishna Das Brahmachari(Cell +91 9007411687)
Srimat Satyabandhu Brahmachari (Cell +91 96313814882)
Srimat Bandhuchand Brahmachari (Cell +91 9051868185)
Srimat Bandhuvinod Brahmachari
Srimat Muraribandhu Brahmachari(Cell +91 9748971868)
Srimat Siddharthabandhu Brahmachari
Srimat Bandhuswarup Brahmachari
Srimat Bandhugovinda Brahmachari
Address :
Sri Sri Mahanam Angan
Raghunathpur, VIP Road,
P.O Deshbandhunagar, Kolkata – 700059,West Bengal, India
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Srimat Bandhunibas Brahmachari (Cell +91 9836173942 / 9432299119)
Srimat Bandhusarathi Brahmachari (+91 9836845441)
Sri Subrata Biswas(Babin) (+91 9477213472 / 8296033225)
Ashta sahid memorial
Samadhi Mandir Entrance