Sri Sri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar

ON THE BANK OF THE DIVINE-LAKE - Radha Kunda (extracted from Bandhulila Tarangini)

Sitting by the bank of the lake of Sri Radha, Sri Sri Jagatbandhusundar, as dedicated to Radha, was flooded with tears, all through the day and night, Goswami Sri Raghunandan watched this while standing at his close proximity. Sometimes the ascetic-king, Rajarshi Banamali Roy also was fortunate to have such a blessed vision. On receiving the letter of esteemed ascetic-king only, Goswami arrived at Braja. Devendranath, nick named ‘Jai-Nitai’ already retuned back to Nabadwip, long ago. On reaching Braja and having unexpected blessed-vision of Prabhu-Bandhu, Goswami was deeply immersed in the blissful-ocean. The Boyish Raghunandan did not possess enough power to assimilate the depth of ‘The Divine-Flavour’ as manifested by the embodiment of the intense excitation of emotion and overwhelming love of Bandhu-Govinda; sitting on the bank of Sri Radha’s lake. Though not possessing any power, yet out of sheer compassion, fortune favoured him for the blessed vision. But like Swarup, the attendant of ‘Gambhira’ at Neelachal; he could neither fully relish nor made others to savour it.

Today, sitting with drooping faces and crying on the bank of the Divine-Lake, Bandhusundar was experiencing sacred ablusion by the streaming hot tears from his eyes. The Lord, overwhelmed with love and excited by emotion went on humming a tune.
He was searching for the ‘Darling Doll’ by intermittently glancing with his deer-like eyes; hither and thither. With folded hands he begged for her compassionate oblique look for once only. As if he could visualize some one very near-by. Aiming at someone, as though he said:-
“I have dedicated my life, youth & heart to your feet,
In my life & death, I know none other than you.
(You are my sole protector) (My adolescent Rai).”

By repeatedly chanting while worshipping his love:- “You are my sole Patron, my only protector,” he surrendered himself completely. Lo! How comes there! Who is being manifest by brilliantly illuminating the banks of both the lakes with the sacred aura of her beauty and grace! As though the idol of worshipping love is directly revealed. This making ‘Bharati’ abash with his carming melodious voice, the worshipper of love sang the braises – “Hail Sri Radhey.”

The chanting of “Glory to Sri Radhey, glory to Sri Radhey” gradually subdued to reach the state of solitude. The stream of tears from eyes of Bandhusundar dried up while falling on his wide-open chest, heated up by the pangs of estrangement. Then the lady, lying on the cradle of Shyam, embraced around Prana-Bandhu’s neck and started slowly wiping out tears, flowing down his eyes; and asked – “My dear please Chant the Holy name.” he uttered the name, while chanting and making him utter the Holy name that divinely beautiful lass merged into the heart of Prana Bandhu suddenly, his yogic trance was disturbed. The highly emotional chanting of “Glory to Radhey, Glory to Radhey” broke the silence of the Garden off Vaishnav Heritage. Pranabandhu was thoroughly engrossed in love-divine. Today the conscious mind became unconscious.

Is it a dream? No, not at all, its union with that supernaturally blissful-consciousness of the ocean of divine-pastime, situated much beyond the quiescent state; is a wonderful wave of variety of estranged love.

From the very next day Raghunandan observed a unique, unnatural form of Bandhusundar. An exquisite idol of condensed-love, manifested with mutually smearing of new-divine-flavour and new-emotion. He had no means to utter these two letters “RA DHA.” On listening to anyone uttering “Radhey, Radhe,” he would instantly get bewildered. On hearing or uttering Radha’s name, the whole body of Bandhusundar would be decorated with the exquisite features of Goodness (Sattva). Not even the word ‘Radha-Kunda’ could be uttered. Hence he would state ‘Such & Such Lake.’ In case of dire necessity if any thing was to be stated about ‘Sri Radha’ – he would refer to as “That adolescent girl of yours.’

The Saint-king also observed such unprecedented incidents. While seeing it repeatedly, his eyes filled up with tears and he could see no more. Raghunandan too visualized that “Briliant moon – full of new divine-flavour.’

However, with some hind-thoughts, one day Sri Raghu asked:-
“My Lord, who is your mentor?”
“You mean my preceptor? Your daughter of Brishvanu has only initiated me with the holy mystic & esoteric words.”
On listening to this reply, Raghunandan was horripilated and stared at the divine face.