PARENTS: In Bengali Year 1325 (1918 A.D.), he was born in the village of Dekrikhola, under Daudkandi Police Station of Kumilla District.
He was born of Devout Father Mahim Chandra Das and Mother Mohanbasi Dasi.

CHILDHOOD: Ramesh Das was the name of the son of Great Devote Mahim Chandra Das and Mohan Basi Dasi. Sripad Mahanambrata Brahmchariji Maharaj named him as Srimat Nabanibandhu Brahmachar for his ascetic mendicancy. During his childhood he used study at his village school and spent time in games and worshipping and services to deities.

EDUCATION: Passed S.S.C. and took to teaching profession while studying higher secondary standards.

LIFE OF RENUNCIATION: He was attracted by listening to the sermons of Bhagabat, as first delivered at Kumilla in 1940, by Mahanamji, on his return to this country in April 1939. Bidding farewell to parents, brothers and kiths and kins, he dedicated himself to the lotus-feet of his mentor.

Srimat Nabanibandhu Brahmachari

SRIDHAM SRIANGAN: Along with his mentor Dr. Mahanamji, he arrived at the sacred abode of Sriangan at Faridpur. At Sriangan, he concentrated on both spiritual and normal education; besides keeping the Angan neat and clean, tending the cows, plucking flowers etc. In fact, by rendering services in all activities of his mentor and by his teachings, he became very favourite of Mahanamji.

WORKING LIFE: Since 1940 to 1947, he was always attached to our mentor Dr. Mahanamji and carried out his in structions, like devoted Hanuman to Ramji, at various places including Faridpur Sri Angan, for conducting the affairs of the Math, uplifting the financial arrangements, Bhagabati tours and propaganda drive on Geeta. During the period of 1947 and 1971, he followed the mentor like a shadow and complied each and every instructions of him; notably worth-mentioning area establishment of Mahanam Math at Nabadwip, renovation and reconstruction of the temple complex at Bangladesh and establishing the deity, offering Prasadam in memory of eight-slain Brahmacharis. As per the order of our mentor, he played the lead role in collection funds from fellow brethren for touring the whole of India, establishing Mahanam Angan and welfare trust at Kolkata and establishing Math and temple complexes at various places in India. he took the special leading role as the trusted right-hand of Mahanamji in such activities like touring the whole of Bengal, establishing Bandhukunj at Vrindavan, celebrating Birth Centenary of Mahaprabhu, observing Centenary Celebration of Sripad Mahendraji, founding charitable dispensary and school etc.

PERIGRINATION FOR BANDHU: Srimat Nabani Bandhu Maharaj was the Chief Executive for conducting the Bandhu – Peregrination Celebration as emancipated by ‘Bharat Shiromani, Mahamahopadhya Vaishnavacharya’ Dr. Mahanamji. For 59 days, he toured relentlessly and untiringly at various places of Bengal with five teams of ‘Kirtanyas.’ The main agenda of such peregrination were to conduct talks on Bandhu, Adhibas, Srinaam, sacrificial rituals on Mahanaam, 24 hours of recapitulation of Divine-Pastime of Radha-Krishna, performing of Arti, Town-tour with Kirtan, and performing spiritual initiations.

TOURING AROUND INDIA: As per instructions of our mentor, he undertook untiring endeavours in touring various places of India, like Assam, Tripura, Orissa and West Bengal, to propagate Bhagabat. This was followed by establishing Jagatbandhu Ashram at Puri in 1977, founding Mahendra Bandhu Ashram at Ghurni, Krishnanagar in 1979, and later on, in 1991 to install Prabhu’s Embalmed body in casket. Besides this every year he participated and conducted various celebrations as organized, in the charming abode of love – Sri Dham Vrindavan during ‘RAAS’, annual foundation celebration of Bandhu Kunja, chariot festival at Puri, annual celebrations at Mahanam Math at Nabadwip. He used to visit almost every year to Parnatiratha and Langalband in Bangladesh.

CELEBRATION OF 90TH BIRTHDAY OF GURUDEV On 25th December 1994, Dr. Mahanamji’s 90th Birthday was Celebrated at Kolkata’s Mahanam Angan. Through an extensive 10 day long programme this was celebrated in the presence and participation of innumerable devotees,VIP’s, Saints & Sages, Scientists, Renowned Educations, Intellectuals, Poets, Artists, Literatures and Acharyas of different sects. Srimat Nabani Bandhu Maharaj and Srimat Upasak Bandhu Maharaj were the Prime Executives, for that Great Ceremony.

PRESIDENT AND ACHARYA OF THE SECT. On 18th October 1999, after the sad demise of world-famous philosopher and intellectual thinker, Mahamohopadhya, Bharat Shromoni, Vaishnavacharya – Dr. Mahanamji; Nabani Bandhu Maharaj, gracefully occupied the Presidential Seat as the Third Acharya of Mahanam Sect in India and Bangladesh. He was ceaselessly associated with the various activities, like completing the unfinished works of our mentor Dr. Mahanamji; on ‘Bandhuhari Mahauddharan Leela,’ organizing and conducting the activities of all the Math and Missions, carrying out various celebrations, peregrination on Bandhu, and initiating disciples and devotees.

BIRTH CENTENARY CELEBRATION OF MENTOR DR. MAHANAMJI A special endeavour was undertaken to commemorate the Birth Centenary of ‘Bharat Shiromani, Vaishnavacharya Dr. Sriman Mahanam Brata Brahmachariji all through out India and Bangladesh. He conceptulased planning and execution through a year long wide publication and various celebrations and programmes at different places of India and Bangladesh.

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT OF A SEPULCHRAL MONUMENT OF MAHANAMJI AT SRI ANGAN: In a congregation of thousands of devout devotees and groups of disciples at Faridpur Sridham Sri Angan, on 1st November, 2002 he laid the foundation stone for the huge sepulchral monument for Dr. Mahanaji.

INAUGURATION OF THE PINNACLE OF THE TEMPLE AT DHAKA JAGATBANDHU MAHAPRAKASH MATH: There was no canopy on Sri Sri Prabhu Jagabandhu Mahaprash Math, situated at 42/2 Hatkhola Road, Dhaka. On 4th November of 2002, he ladi the foundation stone for the construction project of this canopy of that Math.

ANNUAL FOUNDATION DAY CLEBRATION AT BANKDHU KUNJA Like every year, in 2002 also, he participated in the annual foundation day celebration of Bandhu Kunj during the ‘Raas’ festival at Sridham Vrindavan.

JOURNEY TO HEAVENLY ABODE: On 29th November 2002 (12th Agrahayan, 1409 Bengali Era), he suffered a road accident near Sri Sri Mahanam Angan. Immediately he was admitted to Bellevue Hospital at Kolkata, for treatment. After 14 days of treatment, on 12th December, 2002 (25th Agrahayan 1409 Bengali Era), he breathed his last in that Hospital. On 14th December 2002 (27th Agrahayan, 1409 Bengali Era) his divine body was brought to Faridpur Sridham Sri Angan from Kolkata. On that evening his last rites were performed with all the religious rituals. In that funeral ceremony, hundreds of devotees and devoted disciples were present to pay their last respect and homages.