Idol of Sri Gopinath, Prabhu jagatbandhusundar and Sri Gourangosundar at Nabadwip Mahanam Math


Mahanam Math of Nabadwip was founded in 1971 by Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari. Previously the place consisted of a market which was purchased to build this Math. It is one of the first few ashrams of the Mahanam Sampradaya established by Mahanambrataji. An annual celebration takes place at Mahanam Math of Nabadwip around Maghi Purnima to celebrate the first visit of Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar to Nabadwip. This celebration takes place for 7 days where the whole locality actively participates.In earlier days it used to be a very big celebration of Mahanam Sampradaya, so people from all corners used to come and participate. On this occasion a ‘Gour Sabha’ used to be held which would act as a platform for spiritual leaders to interact. To participate in this interactive session spiritual leaders from far and near used to travel to Nabadwip. This interactive session was named ‘Gour Sabha’ by Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari.


The major activity of the Mahanam Sampradaya is Spiritual Upliftment. Other than that the Mahanam Math runs a primary school which is at present quite well known in Nabadwip. There is also a charitable dispensary within the Mahanam Math. Floods are a common phenomenon in that region of Nabadwip. Every year it is flooded by the water of the Ganges. At that point of time the Mahanam Math acts as a prominent relief center for the people of the neighboring areas. Every year the Mahanam Math provides food and shelter for the people of the flood effected areas of Nabadwip.

At present regular rituals and services at the temple are being carried out by :

Srimat Jagattarandas Brahmachari (+91 8768724524)
Srimat Saswatabandhu Brahmachari
Srimat Nidanbandhu Das
Mahanam Math
Poramatala, P.O Nabadwip, Pin-741302,
District: Nadia, West Bengal, India
Phone: +91 3472 242750
Contact Person: Srimat Jagattarandas Brahmachari


Mahanam Math Main Entrance at Poramatala, Nabadwip
Vrinda Devi infront of temple
View of Mahanambrataji's idol inside Guru mandir
Guru Mandir