MAHAKIRTAN MADHURI ( By Acharya Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari )
“Haripurush Jagadbandhu Mahaudhdharan,
Charihasta Chandraputra Ha Keeta Patan,
(Prabhu Prabhu Prabhu Hey) (Ananta Ananta Moy)”
“Hari Shabder Bahu Artha Dui Mukhyatama,
Sharba Amangal Hare Prem Diya Hare Mana”
Hari is eternal truth. So long it was existent in the form of ‘Naam’. Jagadbandhu, being the embodiment of that ‘Naam’ is the manifestation of Hari. He defeats all the non-well-being, wins over the minds through love. The person who is defined by the word ‘Hari’ is Haripurush. Jagadbandhu is the manifested name of Haripurush. Sri Krishna as well as Sri Goursundar --- is Hari.
He is ever existent in the palace of hearts of all living beings- Hari is the only manly entity, while the rest of living beings are nature, the primordial female energy. Gita has defined all living beings as female-par excellence.
Friends to all the universal creations; Jagadbandhu is He, who has bonded the whole lot of universal creations in the sacred connection of love. “ You are mine and I am for all of you”
“Prithibitey Ache Jata Nagaradi Gram,
Sarbatra Prachar Hobe Mor Naam.”
When this apophthegm of Mahaprabhu will be realized, only then ‘Mahaudhdharan’ will take place. The manifestation of Jagadbandhu is only for than purpose.
Normal human beings are three and half cubits in height. However, Sri Gouranga, was four cubits tall.
“Dairghya Bistarey Tinha Apanar Hath,
Carihasta Hoi Mahapurush Bikhyat”
Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar also had his height as four cubits. This was the symptom of his godliness, the characteristic identifying features of Sri Gour.
The organization and activities of Sri Bhagaban are Divine, and not like common living beings. Sri Krishna was abiogenetic. As per Sridhar’s commentary on Bhagabad – “Jibanamiba na tashya Dhan-sambandhan” – Sri Gour Sundar too was agenetic; and so also was Jagat Bandhu Sundar! They have descended to this world with the help of lunar energy of blissful-energy. Hence these descendants are termed ‘Chandra Putra.’
‘KEET’ means living beings, apathetic towards Hari and attached to worldly pleasures and enjoyment. Looking to their averseness to Hari or their degeneration, Sri Sri Prabhu, being sick of their sorrows, lamented loudly. Sri Goursundar cried for the living beings.
“Uchhaiswarey Kandey Prabhu Jiber Lagiya.”
By looking towards Bandhusundar, we only visualize that sobbing face of Gour. That is why he is ‘Ha Keetpatan.’ He is lamenting loudly for the degeneration of the living bengs.
Gouranga Sundar is the greatest Lord of those Lords, whom all the other Lords address as Lord. He s not separate from Bandhusundar.
He has eternal magnificence and charm. Thus, “Ananta Rakhila Naam Anta Na Paiya.” He is the condensed idol of the whole gamut of splendor and elegance.
This ‘Great Kirtan’ was composed and written by Sri Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar, in his own handwriting. This is being performed around his mortal body, un interrupted for last 57 years. This ‘Kirtan’ is complementary to the ‘Hare-Krshna Naam Kirtan.’ With the introduction of this ‘Great Kirtan – Sacrificial Rituals’ in this world, the ‘Hare-Krishna Naam’ and its propagation has increased manifold.