Natua Gour Nitai besh and Bandhusundar at Harisabha


Around 150 years ago Pandit Mathuranath Padaratna was running a Sanskrit school (Tol) at Nabadwip. Mathuranath’s father Brajanath Bidyaratna was also a famous Sanskrit pandit in those days. They were Brahmins of very orthodox school and used to oppose the neo-vaisnavite school who were the followers of Lord Gourango.


Suddenly one day a vaishnavite saint named Nehal Das (known as Khyepa) became the guest of Mathuranath at his school and his company made Mathuranath a totally changed person. Nehal Khyepa attracted Mathuranath into Vaisnavism. Nehal Khyepa predicted to Mathuranath that a Harisabha Temple with a life size idol of Lord Gourango will be established at his school in near future. Nehal’s prediction was correct. Slowly Mathuranath became a strong follower of Lord Gourango, had his divine vision and an idol was made mysteriously which was established at the Harisabha Temple.

This idol is so lively and full of charm that it has become more famous in Nabadwip as NatuaGour meaning here the idol of Gourango is dressed up in different festive seasons and the idol easily assumes the shape of various manifestations of the Lord (i.e; Radha, Gopi, Krishna, Balaram, Netai etc.) When Mathuranath became old his son Shithikantha took charge of the Harisabha Temple. It is at this time when Lord Bandhu Sundar visited and stayed in Harisabha periodically number of times. This Harisabha acted as a place for meeting and exchanging spiritual visions and realizations amongst the great spiritual leaders of the spiritual renaissance of India during late 19th Century and early 20th Century.

At present regular rituals and services at the temple are being carried out by :

Srimat Vivekbandhu Brahmachari
Srimat Bandhu Rashbihari Brahmachari (+91 7687024020 )

Adress :
Sri Sri Harisabha Mandir
(Pandit Brajanather Prandhan Sri Sri Natua Gourer Mandir)
Harisabha Para, P.O Nabadwip, Pin-741302, District Nadia,
West Bengal, India
Phone +91 3472 242497
Contact Person: Srimat Vibekbandhu Brahmachari

Prabhu idol during Jhulan
Shiv Parvati

Prabhu jagatbandhusundar's idol at harisabha

Gopal at Harisabha
Natua Gour Goyaliini besh
Natua Gour Malini besh
Natua Gour Natabar besh
Natua Gour Normal besh
Natua Gour Rakhal besh
Natua Gour Raj besh