Mahagambhira where the immortal body of Lord Bandhusundar existing at present amidst Mahanam kirtan being continued for last 87 years
Idols of Radhamadangopal, Prabhu Jagatbandhu and Nitai Gour at Ghurni temple


This was established by Sripad Mahendraji – founder president of Mahanam Sampradaya in the year 1917 (in Bengali 1324). 7 to 8 bigha of land was donated by Pramathanath Ganguly and Khetra Mohon Ganguly who were the landlords of Ghurni in those days. Initially it was named Bandhu Milan Math which was later renamed as Mahendra Bandhu Angan by Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari.

During the Bangladesh War of 1971 the immortal and divine body of Lord Jagatbandhu Sundar was shifted from faridpur Sri Angan in Bangladesh to this ashram. The continuous Mahanam Kirtan which was started by Sripad Mahendraji almost 87 years back is being continued here around the holy body of Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar. Later Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari built a new temple as a replica of the original hut (Mahagambhira) of Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar at Faridpur and also a Guru Mandir where idol Sripad Mahendraji is worshiped.

Later after the departure of Dr. Mahanambrataji from this mortal world under the initiative of Sri Upasakbandhu Brahmachari, a memorial temple with life size idol of Mahanambrataji was established and all round development of this asram has been initiated. Ghurni being a flood prone area a new residence of Asram Sevaks on the first floor and a new block of residence for monks has been completed. At present new block of residences for visiting devotees is under construction.
At present regular rituals and services at the temple are being carried out under :

Srimat Rasabandhu Brahmachari (+91 9775174320)
Srimat Gourbandhu Brahmachari (+91 9475033953)

Sri Sri Mahendra Bandhu Angan
Prabhu Jagatbandhu Ghat Lane, Baisnabpara,
(Haldarpara Bus Stop via Krishnanagar Town)
P.O Ghurni, Pin - 741301
District: Nadia, West Bengal, India
Phone: +91 3472 258922
Contact Persons:
Srimat Rasabandhu Brahmachari (+91 9775174320)
Srimat Gourbandhu Brahmachari (+91 9475033953)

Sripad mahendaraji's idol at Ghurni
Chalita Tree worshipped as Devi Yogmaya by devotees as per the words of Lord Bandhusundar
Sripad Mahendraji's temple
Dr Mahanambrataji's idol at his memorial temple at Ghurni
Monk's residences
New guest house for visiting devotees
New guest house for visiting lady devotees
Residence for devotees staying at Ghurni Ashram