Front view of Sridham Sri Angan main temple


Like the Lord is infinite and divine, so is his eternal abode or Dham. When the Lord descends to this materialistic world, his Dham descends beforehand. The eternal abode or Dham is “Golak”. The first manifestation or golak in this material world is Sri Vrindavan Dham. The second is Sri Nabadwip Dham and the third is Sri Dham Sree Angan.

On 21st Jaistha 1306 in Bengali (1899AD) Sri Dham Sree Angan was established by Lord Bandhu Sundar himself as the center of his divine sport or “Lila”.

The original temple for Prabhu was a thatched cottage or rather a cell, totally cut off from the objective side of the world.Prabhu passed 16 years and 8 months in this cell behind closed doors. He did not utter a single word and did not admit even light and air into that small cottage.


This part of Prabhu’s “Lila” is famous as “Mahagambhira Lila” as compared to “Gambhira Lila” of Lord Gourango. After this Prabhu came again out of this cell and started his normal jubilant “Lila” with the devotees. On 17th September 1921 (1st Aswin 1328 of Bengali calendar) the Lord assumed the appearance of a dead man though inwardly full of intelligence and bliss. This condition of the Lord was diagnosed as a unique stage in the life of the Lord: a metamorphic condition for the higher culmination of the realization of “Mahabhava” (a sublimated condition of Divine Love). First, the holy body was preserved in a casket of sandal wood. The immortal and divine body of the Lord went through many stages of change. Finally the immortal body of the Lord was preserved inside a metallic hollow replica of the Lord (more commonly known as “Samput”). This “Samput” was started to be worshipped daily in strict Hindu manners along with incessant and uninterrupted recital of Mahanam Mahakirtan at Sri Dham Sree Angan by Sripad Mahendraji and other followers. However at present this “Samput” is being worshipped at Mahendra Bandhu Angan, Ghurni where it was shifted during the 1971 Bangladesh War.

Afterwards slowly with the help and donation of the devotees, Sri Dham Sree Angan extended its boundary in all directions and all round development took place wherein new big temple was constructed during 1363 as per Bengali calendar and many other facilities like library, accommodation for visiting devotees, charitable dispensary etc were added on.
There are 7 main festivals observed every year at Sri Dham Sree Angan out of which the following are the most important:
1. The Holy Sita Nabami or the birth date of Lord Jagatbandhu Sundar.
2. The Aparadh Bhanjan Smaran Utsav which is performed in remembrance of the mistake committed by the Mahanam Sampradaya by stopping the incessant Mahanam Mahakirtan for about 21 days when the immortal body of the Lord was buried underground.
Newly inaugurated Mahanambrata Memorial temple
Address :
Sridham Sriangan,
P.O. Sriangan, Village: Goyalchamat, Dist. Faridpur – 7804,
Phone : +880 631 64552
Contact Person :
Srimat Kantibandhu Brahmachari (Cell +880 1715015841)
Srimat Manasbandhu Brahmachari
Srimat Bigyanbandhu Brahmachari
Gurumandir Bhajankutir
An Illustration Of Prabhu Bandhusundar's holy birth
Boat of Prabhu
Idol of Dr. mahanambrataji
Original band Of Mahanam Sampraday at Mahagambhira with the holy samput

Prabhu jagatbandhusundar's idol at Faridpur

Sri Sri Bandhukunda
Sripad Mahendraji's samadhi temple
Samadhi Of Sripad Mahendraji the samadhi temple