List Of the events of centenary celebrations are given below :

Centenary Celebrations at Bangladesh: Faridpur Sri Angan

Sri Angan was the perennial mediating abode of Srimat Mahanambrataji. At this sacred soil of Sri Angan- the ever important place for the divine pastime of Gambhira-Leela by Sri Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar; the celebration was initiated from 25th to 28th February with the recitation of Srimad Bhagvad by Srimat Upasak Brahmachariji, in the morning of 26th February, ‘Nagar-Kirtan’ was organized and in the afternoon an interactive discussion session was held on Dr. Sriman Mahanambrataji and humane nature (Manavdharma). It was presided over by Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari. The main orators were advocate Subalchandra Saha, Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Sri Harendra Dutta, Sri Hirendranath Biswas, Janab Jalal Ahmed (District Magistrate, Faridpur) Andre Connell from America (Research fellow of Dhaka University on comparative religion)

On 27th February a congregation of devotees was arranged this was addressed by Sri Nanak Kanti Sen, Sri Shilajit Chowdhury, Dr. Barun Roy, Prof- Dipak Kumar Saha, Srimat Manasbandhu Brahmachari, the evening discussion meet was presided over by Srimat Kanti Bandhu, the evening discussion meet was presided over by Srimat Kanti Bandhu Brahmachari, Minister Janab Chowdhury Kamal Ibney Yusouf was the Chief Guest. Other dignitaries were Janab S.M. Hafijur Rahman (S.P. Faridpur) Alhaj Hasibul Hasan – Bablu (Chairman, Faridpur Municipality, Srimat Santbandhu Brahmachari, Dr. Nanigopal Saha, Prof Dipak Kumar Saha, Dr. Barun Roy, and Srimat Bandhu Pritam Brahmachari, all three days, Sri Anjan Upadhyay from India presided divine-pastime kirtan in the night session and captivated innumerable persons in the audience mother’s assembly was arranged in the afternoon of 28th February. It was chaired by Srimati Parul Bala Saha and speeches were delivered by Prof. Reba Saha, Srimati Kumkum Ghowdhury, Srimati Kalpana Sarkar, Srimati Dipali Saha, Srimati Uma Banik and Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari. The meeting was conducted advocate Sipra Goswami. Thereafter, a beautiful cultural programme was arranged.




Centenary Celebrations at Barishal, Bangladesh

District Barishal- producing many freedom fighters, was the birth place of Sriman Mahanambrataji. In the heat of district town Barishal, Sri Mahanambrataji birth centenary was celebrated at the historic ‘Dharmarakhani Sabha’ which was associated with the memories of his many Bhagabad-recitals. At 9am of 1st March, in the presence of Janab Seikh Abdul Kalam, district magistrate of Barishal, a well decorated benign procession, marched off. Everyday in the evening discussion sessions were held and padavali kirtan was presented.

The discussion sessions were participated by local monks and ascetics and eminent erudites and monks from Sri Angan, Padavali kirtan was presented by the group of ‘Kakali’. Sristidhara cultural organization performed a musical soiree. Srimat Kanti Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Prof Harendranath Dutta and the like participated actively in the discussions meet. The total programme was overseen by Sri Gouranga Kundu- Secretary, under the presidentship of Sri Atul Chandra Saha.

Centenary Celebrations at Pabna, Bangladesh

Pabna was the sacred abode of Sri Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundar’s divine-pastime. On 4th and 5th March 2004 Dr. Mahanambrataji’s birth centenary was celebrated at the famous Sri Sri Radhagovinda’s Mandir and Sri Sri Jai Kali Mandir at Pabna. On the evening of 4th March Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari recited from Srimad Bhagabad. Then Padavali kirtan was presented 100 oil lamps were lighted up on 5th March morning. At 9am Nagar sankirtan was led to the Lahiri house, which was associated with many reminiscences of Prabhu Jagat Bandhu. Pabna’s ethereal atmosphere was literally agog with the chanting of ‘Hari Naam’. At the end of the super celebration at midday, an interactive discussion session on the spiritual life style of Acharya Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachariji was conducted in the afternoon. It was presided over by Sri Rabindranath Roy and inaugurated by Srimat Kanti Bandhu Brahmachari. Eminent luminaries likes Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimat Bandhu Pritam Brahmachari, Srimat Gourav Bandhu Brahmachari, Dr. Rabindranath Bhattacharya (Satsang) presented their view points. In this celebration it is worth special mentioning of the role played by Srimati Itirani Poddar- highly adored by Sriman Mahanambrata and first class magistrate of government of Bangladesh. The celebrations were highly enriched by the total dedicated cooperation of Sri Ganesh Ghosh, the owner of famous transport house ‘Shyamali’ of Bangladesh.


Birth Centenary Celebration of Sriman Mahanambrataji at Srimongal:-

Srimongal is a small town under Moulavi-Bazar in Syllet District of Bangladesh. A three-day long birth centenary of Sriman Mahanam Brataji was celebrated at various temple complexes between 29th November to 1st December, 2004. On the first day progammes were arranged at the Durgabari Premises of Satgaon-East. Samsi and Rajghat Tea-Garden. Rest of 2 days progammes were organized at Sri Sri Jagannath Complexes. Sriman Mahanambrataji was remembered and respected tributes were paid in memoriam to his birth centenary through lighting up of 100 lamps, recitation from Gita, Studies from Sacred Scriptures, procession of Nagar-Sankirtan, Centenary Tree Plantation, Praying for World Peace, Distribution of Clothes, Voluntary Blood Donation Camp, Religious Conferences, Skits by Song and Dances, Sit & Paint Competition, Essay Competition, and Conclave of Devotees. These programmes were participated by eminent personalities and men of Multifaceted Qualities of Bangladesh. Hon. Minister Sri Goutam Chakravarty graced the occasion. Religious commentator Dr. Barun Chandra Roy was the President of the Centenary Committee and Sri Bakul Chandra Pal was the Secretary. The dance-drama “East & West” as presented by Smt. Lovely Dev Roy captivated each and everybody.

Sriman Mahanam Brataji’s Birth Centenary Celebration at Syllet Town:-

Syllet, The third largest city is known as the London of Bangladesh. The treasures and mental faculties of the people living here are worth mentioning. In the sacked firmament of this Syllet or Old Srihatta, there arose the Gourya Thakur Sri Adwaita Mahaprabhu. Mother Sachi was born at Jaypur of this district. Sriman Mahaprabhu’s ancestral place was at Dhaka-South in this Syllet district only. The residents of Syllet, organized, a six day long Birth Centenary Celebration of Sriman Mahanambrataji at Three Ashrams between 7th to 12th December 2004. Whatever information we could gather various progammes, spanning about a month, were conducted in and around the Greater-Stretch of this city, with the central theme of Birth Centenary of Sri Mahanambrataji. It was worthy of noticing the huge-humantide of devotees every where. Specially, the unbridled passion of the laborers at such festivals in the tea-gardens, put us into embarrassment, too. The four-day long main celebrations were arranged at Sri Sri Basudev Temple at Biyani Bazar, at Dhaka-Dakshin temple complex of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s Birth-place and at Sri Sri Nimbak Ashram, situated at Mirjajangal.

Birth Centenary Celebration at Fatehabad in Chitagong and Opening of a New Temple Complex:

On 17th December, 2004, Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari and Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, along with so devotees from India, started from Sri Sri Mahanam Angan for Bangladesh, on the occasion of celebrating the Birth Centenary of Sri Mahanambrata. After, having a blessed vision at Faridpur – Sri Angan, they went to Fatehabad in Chitagong. On 13th December, the new temple complex, of Sri Sri Prabhu, was formally inaugurated, Srimad Kantibandhu Bhattacharya, hoisted the flag on top of the temple’s pinnacle. Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari inaugurated the main temple complex. Srimad Gourav Bandhu Brahmachari did the invocation of the deities. This whole programme was presided over by Pandit Sri Promodranjan Bhattacharya. It was a really eye-enchanting temple. It was a huge one as well as beautiful too. Sri Guruji’s idol was installed here. Srimad Bandhu Pritam Brahmachari, inaugurated this abode of Sri Guruji. Many eminent personalities and artists, took part in this celebration. Elaborate arrangements for boarding and lodging for the devotees were made at the Ramkrishna Math – attached to the temple. Their entertainment of the guests charmed everybody. On behalf of India, Sri Samir Das conducted smoothly the arrangements for the transportation of the devotees. The untiring efforts of Sri Shilajit Chowdhury and lavish donation of funds by Sri Pulin Banik Haat-Hazari, for establishing this temple at Fatehabad, are worthy of special mentioning.

Centenary Celebration at J.M. Sen Hall in Chitagong:-

From 17th to 20th December, 2004, span of 4 days, the whole of Chitagong city was, as though, intoxicated with the hilarious jubilation in the name Mahanambrataji the Nagar Sankirtan procession deserve special mentioning. On that day thousands of religious-minded Hindus in Bangladesh, walked down the streets of Chitagong, in tune with the united-soul-stirring tunes of Mahanambrataji. Their heads were decorated with Head-Gears, depicting Mahanambrataji’s picture and chests adorning scarves. Every day, Leela Kirtan was presented by India’s Sri Anjan Upadhyay. The following speakers from India, placed their thoughts in these programmes:- Srimad Devananda Brahmachari, Srimad Vrindavan Bihari Das – Kathiababa, Srimad Kinkar Samananda, Srimad Binod Kishore Goswami, Srimad Swarup Damodar Goswami, Dr. Pabitra Gupta, Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari & Dr. Haran Bandhu Brahmachari. Mr. A. B. M. Mohiuddn Chowdhury, Mayor of Chitagong, inaugurated the religious convention. A commemorative booklet titled ‘Satabhisha Mahanambrata’ was published on this occasion. An exquisite exhibition was arranged, with the help of 100 Earthen Models / Idols, depicting the complete life of Sriman Mahanam Brataji.

Sri Mahanam Brataji was Felicitated with the Honour of Freedom Fighter of Bangladesh
While inaugurating the first day’s programme at J. M. Sen Hall of Chitagong, The Hon. Mayor Janab A. B. M. Mohiuddin (Awami-League), learnt that Sriman Mahanam Brataji did not take rice for nine months during the Freedom-Struggle of Bangladesh. Then and there he announced to confer upon Mahanam Brataji. This worthy son of Bangladesh, The Honorary Title of silent freedom-fighter. As per his commitment, on 20th December, 2004, at 10 AM a conference, - Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari, with the Honour of Bangladesh’s freedom fighter. The Honourable, Mayor showered profuse praises on Sri Mahanambrataji’s self-sacrifice for the independence of Bangladesh. Eminent personalities from the corporation along with Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Dr. Rabindra Chandra Banik and Lion Pintu Dasgupta shared their thoughts. The Mayor Presented a beautiful metallic ‘Crest,’ with Sriman Mahanambrataji’s name inscribed in it. In that ceremony, the Mayor reacted positively and expressed his benign desires in response to the submission for a space for establishing a temple of Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar, The Idol Deity of Mahanambrataji inside Chitagong city.

Birth Centenary Celebration at Rangunia in Chitagong

Gurudev used to comment “Devotees of Rangunia are the beads of my Japa-Mala.” If he heard of anybody going to Chitagong, he would tell him – “you must visit Rangunia!” We could realize the significance of Gurudev’s statements on reaching Rangunia. On the outskirts of Chitagong, it was a small Hindu predominated village having a few male and female disciples. Most of them were engaged in farming or teaching profession. Yet with their heart-full-passions and unthinkable monetary contribution, a huge temple of Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundar’s was build up bits by bits. Because of their sincere attraction, delegation of devotees from India participated in these 2-days brief programmes. This created an ecstatic stir among the local devotees. By the side of Chitagong city of pomp & splendor, this seemed to be a piece of charming Brajabhumi. On 22nd and 23rd – a tow day long programme was conducted at the unfinished premises of the temple complex. On the first day morning, a colourful procession was inaugurated by Prabhupad Srimad Binod kishore Goswami, From Kolkata. The complete village was encircled by walking for a long period of two and half hours. It is pertinent to mention that Local Chairman Janab Mohr. Nurul Islam, Traveled all along with this ‘Kirtan’ party by walking and he even lead this Harinam-Chanting Procession of Kirtan, right in front of the office of Union Council. This reminded of devotee Chand Kazi, during Mahaprabhu’s era.
In the afternoon, students of Rangunia Mahanam Bidyaniketan, recited from Gita. After worshipping and Kirtan Offerings, a cultural programme was arranged by eminent artists at the Mahanam Conclave. Conductor Dipak Saha, requested each speaker to talk on specific subjects on Mahanamji. At the end of the convention ‘Leela Kirtan’ was performed well-known debonair ‘Kritania’ Sri Anjan Upadhyay, from India. On the second day also, after the worshipping and ‘Kirtan-Offerings,’ ‘Mahanambrata-conference’ was held. Speakers from India, like Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimad Haranbandhu Brahamachari, Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Srimad Binod Kishore Goswami, Dr. Pabitra Gupta and Sri Nilratan Biswas etc. presented their talks.
Smt. Dipali Saha, The President of Rangunia Mahanam Sevak Sangha and the prime-mover of all these activities, appealed to all with great favour for monetary and physical help to complete the construction work of the temple at the earliest. Sri Nilratan Biswas from India put up a proposal to the Chairman of the Religious Convention, to rename a road in the name of Dr. Mahanam Brata Brahmachari. The Honourable Chairman gladly approved this proposal then and there.

Birth Centenary Celebration At Dhaka

From 24th to 27th December, 2004, the main function of birth centenary of Sri Mahanambrata was celebrated at Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. These combined progammes were organized on the wide king’s-way before the Dhaka Mahaprakash Math, under a Shamiana and in the Assembly Hall of National Museum. Religious conventions and cultural programmes were held in the premises of Assembly Hall. Anjan Upadhyay presented his ‘Kirtan’ in the pandal before the Math. On 25th December at 12 noon, procession of communal harmony was flagged-off by Mayor of Dhaka city, Janab Sadek Hossain (Khoka). On the concluding day, all the flaws and impunctualities of the prograammes at Dhaka were forgotten; by the staging the drama ‘white face mountain,’ which depicted Mahanambrataji’s event-full life at America. “Parash Manir Parashey” – a drama was scripted by Sriman Pathik and Directed by Famous dramatist Sri Amal Bose.
The Central Committee on Centenary Celebration at Dhaka, published a commemorative treatise named “Satadeepalokey Mahanambrata.” On the occasion of Centenary Celebration, a Website was also launched. Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, Education Minister of Bangladesh and Ex-Speaker of Awami League attended these programmes. All Lecturers and Artists were presented with beautiful mementos.