List Of the events of centenary celebrations are given below :
Culmination of the Birth Centenary Celebration at Sri Sri Mahanam Angan
25th December, 2004 was the date of culmination of the year long Birth Centenary Celebration of Sri Mahanambrataji. Yet, as per traditional system, through a 4 day long programme, foundation day of the of Sri Mahanam Angan and 101st Birth Day of Sri Mahanambrataji were celebrated in conjunction. The yearlong Mahanam Sankirtan Yagna, that was arranged in the premises of Sri Mahanam Brataji’s Samadhi Mandir, was concluded on 25th December 2004.
Right from the early morning of 25th December, all the daily religious rituals were functional as usual.
At 9:30 AM Sri Gurudev’s Idol was placed on the platform at ‘Nat-Mandir’ and his pair of foot-wear were kept in front of it. First the Brahmacharis of the Math carried on worshipping and Arati of Sri Guru. After completion of this event, devotees lined-up and systematically paid their respectful homage to Sri Gurudev. Mahaprasad was distributed to every one. ‘Nat Mandir’ was abuzz with the Kirtan – “jai guru, jai bhagawan, tumi guru tumi mahanam, kripa kari deha padey sthan.” In the afternoon religious meet and cultural programmes were arranged. 26th December was fully occupied with 24 hrs Kirtan. On 27th December, Sri Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundar and his associates were offered ‘Bhog’ as usual by the courtesy of Siliguri’s devotee Sri Narayan Chandra Rai Karmakar. On 28th December, blankets were distributed among poor foot-path dwellers, from the Ashram’s vehicle.
Sri Mahanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust organised Post- Birth Centenary Celebration on Dr. Mahanambrataji’s Literary Works
On 26th February, 2005, Sri Mahanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust Arranged a lecture session, at the auditorium of Annexe Building of Mahajati Sadan on Sri Mahanambrataji’s Books and Literary works.
The inauguration, was done by Prof. Dr. Sudhendu Mondal, Director, National Library, Kolkata. Dr. Suravi Bandopadhyay, Vice Chancellor of Netaji Subhas Open University, was the President at this conference. Talks were delivered by Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Prof. Chidananda Goswami, Dr. Jyotirmoy Mukherjee, Ex-President of Higher Secondary Board of Education, Ex-Editor of ‘Srinantu’ Magazine of Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Amalesh Bhattacharya, Eminent Educationist & Authority of Vaishnav Scriptures, Dr. Subodh Chowdhury. Specific discussion on the following books of Mahanambrataji were held as follows:-
Ved-Vichintan: Elaborated by Sri Amalesh Bhattacharya
Gita-Dhyan: By Dr. Ramaranjan Mukhopadhyay
Manab Dharma: By Dr. Jyotirmoy Mukherjee
Gour-Katha: By Dr. Subodh Chowdhury
Welcome address was presented by Dr. Utpal Saha, Secretary of Trust. Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari chanted benign slokas at the beginning of this seminar. Sri Jyotirmay Guha presented vote of thanks. Sri Asok Kundu and Sri Sukharanjan Saha were entrusted with Guest Entertainment.

Inauguration and Dedication of Mahanambrata Gate-way Arch, at Vrindavan to the Public, on 15th November, 2005

Under the joint auspices of Mahanam Sevak Sangha, Kolkata and Municipal Committee of Vrindavan; an inaugural and dedication ceremony of ‘The Mahanambrata Gate-way Arch’ was arranged on 15th November 2005 at 10 AM at Vrindavan. This beautiful ‘Gate-way Arch’ was erected in honour of World Famous Philosopher, Eminent Erudite, Great – Vaishnav, Bhagabad Gangotri – Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari. Revered Swami Sri Bidyanandaji Maharaj, of Katyani Peeth, Vrindavan presided over this event. Honourable M.L.A. – Mathura, Manabendra Singh was the Chief Guest.
Rev. Sant Sri Bijoy Kaushalji, Sri Govindananda Tirtha Maharaj, Swami Sri Maheshananda Saraswati, Mohant Sri Fuldol Dasji, Mohant Sri Brajbihari Das graced the occasion by their presence.
As special Guests, Hon. Sri R. K. Singh, D. M. - Mathura, Hon. Sri Rajib Routela, Addl. D.M. (ADM) – Mathura, Hon. Sri Pramansu – Dy. Chairman, Mathura – Vrindavan – Development Authority, Hon. Sri Sailendra Kumar Singh, City Magistrate – Mathura; were present.
This inaugural ceremony was attended by most distinguished guests like Hon. Sri Pradip Mathur, MLA, Mathura – Vrindavan, Padmasri Swami Ramswarup Sharma. Ex-MLA, Hon. Shyamsundar Beriwala, Hon. Ex-Min, U.P., Sri Shyam Sundar Sharma, Hon. Prof. Sri Ramaprasad Kamal, Ex-State Minister, Hon. Sri Radheyshyam Beriwala.
The Organising Committee Comprised of:- Jagdish Prasad Sharma (President) Arun Kumar Gupta (Ex-Officer), Municipality Committee Vrindavan, Pandit Sri Premdas Sastri (President), Dr. Binod Banerjee (Secretary), Sri Mahanambrata Birth Centenary Celebration Committee, Vrindavan. Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari (Secretary, Central Committee) and Santa – Bandhu Brahmachari (President Worshipper – Bandhu Kunj – Vrindavan)