List Of the events of centenary celebrations are given below :
Inaugural Session at Kolkata from 24th Dec 2003 to 4th January 2004
On 24th December 2003, Akhanda Mahanam Yagna’s sacred ‘Adhibas’ was inaugurated at Mahanam Angan, with the performance of devotional songs (Kirtan) by Gour Chandra Karmakar. This year-long benignly auspicious ‘Kirtan-Yagna’ was of great significance in the back-drop of this Centenary Celebration.
At 4 am on 25th December, 2003, The auspicious birth time of Sriman Mahanambrataji, was remembered by kindling one hundred ghee-lamps, in the sacred presence of Srimat Jeev Saran Das Babaji-the revered Mohanta Maharaj of Ekchakra (Birbhum),the birth place of Sri Nityananda, Srimat Bandhudas Brahmachariji-the secretary of Mahanam Sect, and innumerable monks and devotees. With the bright Sun-rise, morning procession was taken out through various localities in great gusto, singing the song “JAYATU MAHANAMABRATA TUMI ANANTA ANANDA”. The song composed and choreographed by Chidananda Goswami, brought in a sweet melodious breeze of love and devotion.
The main programme was organized at Najrul Mancha. All hearts sounded a clarion call-“Let’s go to Najrul Mancha”. A huge procession of hundreds of cars and thousands of people, carrying the sacred oil-painting of Mahanambrata Brahmachariji; proceeded from Mahanam Angan to Najrul Mancha. It looked like a high tide in the sea of people. The Auditorium’s rostrum was exquisitely decorated with a large canvas frame of oil-painting of Mahanambrataji, suitably beautified with roses. On the southern left corner of the stage, there was another attraction- The Sankaracharya of Kanchi- Srimat Jayendra Saraswati Maharaj; parched on a slightly elevated alter, along with twelve eminent saints of Bengal by his side.
Arati of Sri Gurudev in the Morning before Proceeding to the Venue
They were:- Mahamandaleshwar Srimad Devananda Saraswati , Mahamandaleswar Swami Yogananda Saraswati, Srimad Madhusudan Das Babaji, Srimad Parankush Ramanujjiar, Srimad Dandiswami-Nityabodh Ashram, Srimad Debananda Brahamchari,Srimad Swami Asokananda, Srimad Vrindavan Bihari Das-Kathia Baba, Brahmachari Mural Bhai, Srimad Bandhukishore Brahmachari, and Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari. On the right side of the podium eminent dignitaries, like, Prof.Ramaranjan Mukherjee, Hon. Minister Sri Tapan Sikdar, Post –Master –General of Post and Telegraph Deptt-Sri Panda, Editor of Bandemataram News Paper- Sri Bijoy Roy, etc.
The convention began with the introduction of all the Monks, Saints and respected guests by Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari. After the introductory lecture by Prof. Chidananda Goswami, Secretarial address was presented by Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahamachari, and welcome address by Dr Dhyanesh Narayan Chakravarty. Mrs Minati Goswami presented the especially composed birthday opening song, along with her troupe-“AJI TAR JANMADIN, MODER JINI CHAKHUDATA”
The choir singers were:- Shyamal Dutta, Sajjita Majumdar, Sumita Dutta, Bratati Bhaduri, Chand Saha, Papri Ganguli, Alpana Mondal and Bandana Das. The whole ambience was flooded with streams of love and devotion. In honour of Revered Sankaracharya Maharaj, Prof. Ramaranjan Mukherjee recited a respectful tribute from a bronze plaque. Sankaracharyaji Maharaj, lit up a hundred lamps on this occasion of Birth Centenary. Then he inaugurated a web-site ( With the touch of his finger on the laptop, the giant screen was filled with the life size photograph of Mahanambrataji. Thereafter, with his spiritual lecture, Sankaracharyaji spread the messages of devotion towards the gentry and inspired them with his blessings and instructions. The presentation of the blessed-scarf to Sankaryacharya by the Joint-Secretary of the Centenary Committee, Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, was an inspiring scene in the convention hall. Now was the time to unveil the ‘Special First-Day cover of postage stamp’, as brought-out by the Postal Deptt, in memoriam of Mahanambrataji,, by the Hon. Minister Sri Tapan Sikdar.( Incidentally ,we express our thankful gratitude, to the endeavor of our respectable Minister for taking the responsibility of fixing-up one hundred hoarding boards all over the city of Kolkata.)
Lectures were presented by eminent and knowledgeable religious leaders like Srimat Debananda Saraswati Maharaj and Srimad Brindavan Bihari Das-Kathia Baba. It is worth mentioning that child-prodigy, Kum.Indulekha Guha paid a short and sweet tribute to Mahanambrataji in Sanskrit and English. Dr Ashish Banerjee and Dr Suravi Banerjee captivated the audience with their eloquence. In his unique presidential speech, Prof. Ramaranjan Mukherjee expressed lucidly ,with unparallel fluency, that Mahanambrataji ensured communion between the East and the West, through love and devotion. Dr Ashish Banerjee, paid immense tributes towards the wisdom, knowledge, personality and humane nature. In her exposition, Dr Suravi Banerjee, established the two specific traits of Dr Mahanambrataji- humanity and spirituality.
Gitashri Chabi Banerjee, highly endeared by Mahanambrataji, was the first to present devotional songs in the cultural programme that followed suit. Inspite of her old age, she sang kirtans and devotional songs. With her unique tonal quality and musical expertise, Haimanti Sukhla, mesmerized the audience by singing Bengali devotional songs and vajans. Even after weathering cold wintry night, people awaited eagerly for listening to Manna Dey. This rare artist, tried in many ways, through various songs, to captivate the audience. But with the progress of night and chilly cold waves, many people in the gathering were in great distress. However, on one side there was such an inclement weather and on the other side there was the attraction of India famous, highly acclaimed and Padmashri Manna Dey.
After this cultural programme, vote of thanks was presented by Vice-President, Shrimad Bandhudas Brahmachariji. This whole extravaganza was conducted and coordinated by Debashish Basu and Krishna Chatterjee.
From 26th December 2003 to4th January 2004,various lectures and cultural programmes were staged at the pandal of Mahanam Angan , Raghunathpur.
Without going into minutest details of individual artists and lectures on specific dates, it can be stated that most of them performed, in their respective fields as per their own standards and capabilities and maintained their professional expertise. There were highly acclaimed luminaries among the orators.
On 26th December 2003, Dr Pratap Chandra Chandra, stated in his lecture that Mahanambrataji was a true ascetic to synthesize the field of Religion and a visionary in the sphere of total amalgamation of Educational Philosophy, Humane Attributes, Intellectual Faculties, and Spirituality. Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh eulogized about Mahanambrataji as the most adorable personality in the field of Humanity. Dr Amalendu Bhattacharya, the president of Asiatic Society, profusely praised Dr Brahamachari for his Humane-love-affection and friendly bondage among all fraternities. Dr Basanti Chatterjee paid her tributes while reminiscing the fond memories of Mahanambrataji. We shall elaborate on the various cultural programmes later on.
On 27th December,2003, union minister Tapan Sikdar, presented detailed analysis of Mahanam Brataji’s spirituality and paid glowing tributes. He emphasized that in the present era, Mahanambrataji was the path-finder of highly valuable ideologies. In this darkness of malise and tardiness, he is like a bright light-house. Mahamohopadhya Dr. Govinda Gopal Mukherjee, while evaluating the depth of contribution of this perfect Acharya Dr. Mahanam Brataji, in the spiritual domain, paid his heartfelt homage. Sri Kalyan Shah (Secretary, Calcutta Book Sellers & Publisher’s Guild), admitted that Mahanam Brataji’s incomparable storage of knowledge and his innumerable & invaluable literary creation simply kept him spell-bound. Amalesh Bhattacharya, Ex-Editor of the News-letter ‘Srinantu’ – as published by Sri Arobindoo Pathmandir; Brahmacharini Bela Devi, President of Adyapeeth Girl’s Ashram, Srimat Bhakti-Pragyan Rishishesh Maharaj et. al; deeply analysed the life and ideologies of Mahanam Brataji and touched the deepest core of the hearts of the audience.
Among the notable eminent speakers on 28th December there were Dr. Sujit Basu, Vice-Chancellor of Viswabharati University, Sirshendu Mukherjee, Literature, Kinkar Samananda, Dr. Pabitra Gupta, Dr. Sujit Basu captivated the audience with his spontaneous elocution regarding Mahanam Brata Bhahmachariji’s unique spiritual explanation on Tagore’s ‘Naukadubi’ and various valuable expositions on Rabindranath at different congregations in America. Sirshendu Mukherjee, in his own modern-literary perspective, analysed the crux of truth in religion and commented that “you are all very fortunate to have amidst you, Mahanam Brataji as a true path finder. Let all of you attain success in life while treading his path.”
In his presidential address Professor Ramaranjan Mukherjee said that Swami Vivekananda won over the minds of the western world by delivering lectures on ‘Ved-Dedanta.’ But Mahanam Brata Brahmachari successfully finished Vivekananda’s incomplete work through spirituality, love & devotion and human-touch. He clearly showed to the west that the path for india’s religious culture is made up of love and devotion.
His representing of India will remain alive for ever in world history. At the end of valedictory session, vote of thanks was presented by Nilratan Biswas.
At 10 A.M. on 28th December, from the platform of Mahanam Manch of Sri Sri Mahanam Angan, blankets were distributed among two thousand destitute men and women. Such distribution of blankets are organized by us every year. This year’s programme was inaugurated by Sri Tapas Chatterjee our Local Municipal Councillor.
Swami Nityananda Maharaj and Honourable Minister Kironmoy Nanda were the eminent personalities, present on 29th December programme. While cultivating his memories, Swami Nityananda Maharaj paid deep respect to Mahanam Brataji and referred o him as a great human being, second to none, through his glowing evaluation with respect to present day scenario. Kironmoy Nanda described in details the co-ordeal relationship his father and his family had with Mahanam Brataji and presented a true evaluation of his religious dexterity, educational ideology and humane nature. Dr. Binod Behari Banerjee, Representing U.P., delivered his lecture in Hindi. Professor Chidanand Goswami elaborated on Dr. Brahamachari as a great-lover and a great-man. In his ancient traditions and treasures of India; focusseo Mahanam Brataji as the ever-agile sentinel of ‘Sanatan Hindu-Religion.’ Sri Jyotirmoy Guha presented the vote of thanks at the end of the programme.
A unique conference was arranged on 30th December. It was a conclave for monks and ascetics only. Mahanambrata stage was illuminated by monks and sages of diverse religious sects from various parts of India. Srimat Tejasananda Giri, Srimat Gopananda Bon, Srimat Swami Asikananda, Swami Jagadishwarananda, Srimat Devananda Saraswati, Srimat Swami Atmabodhnanda Prabhupada Dilip Goswami, Prabhupada Raghunath Goswami, Father Henry Crosta were the notable dignitaries who took part in the congregation of monks. This was arranged in two phases at 10 A.M. and at 3 P.M.; with a midday Sadhu Bhandara for 150 the ascetics. Professor Rabindranath Sastri and Srimat Brajakishore Goswami performed the benign invocation in the first and second sessions respectively. Opening songs were presented by Srimat Hriday Das Babaji and Sudip Saha. Devotional songs were presented by Srimat Narottam Das Babaji, Srimat Nababrata Brahmachari and Srimat Swami Vishudhananda. Both these congregation resembled the Ascetic Assembly of Kumbh-Mela.
On 31st December at 10 am a special blood donation camp was organized at Mahanam angan premises.
West Bengal in Bangladesh & Bangladesh in West Bengal  

One of the most attractive feature of the centenary celebration of Dr. Mahanambrataji on 31st December was the presentation of Bangladesh’s representatives on the Mahanambrata dias. To participate in this centenary celebration, monks and saints, professors, social reformers, educationists, ministers and lawyers from different part of Bangladesh like – Syllet, Pabna, Rajsahi, Chittagong, Jessore, Barishal, Khulna, Faridpur, Dhaka, Assembled here.

Bangladesh was represented by a galaxy of luminaries e.g. Prof. Dr. Aminul Islam, Dr. Nurul Islam, Dr. Paresh Chandra Mondal, Prof. Ranjit Chakrvarty, Prof. Harisadhan Das, Prof Nikhil Bhattacharya, Dean Narendra Chandra Ghosh, Dr. Barun Chandra Roy, Prof Dipak Saha, Srimat Kantibandhu Brahmanchari, Prof Ardhendu- Bikash Chowdhury, Srimat- Santbandhu Brahmachari, Srimat Bandhupritam Brahmachari, Sri Subal Chandra Saha, Sri Pintu Dasgupta, Sri Harendra Dutta etc Goutam Chakravarty, Minister of Bangladesh, was one of the star attraction. Though Mahanambrata’s ideologies and achievements were expressed by many personalities, yet the main theme music was the co-ordeal and humanitarian ideologies, as established by Mahanambrata among the people of Bangladesh or east Bengal, all through his span of life.

This years newyear’s day was welcomed by the centenary- celebration committee with the thundering sound of more than thousand drums (Srikhol or Mridangam) – on first January the streets of north Calcutta was agog with the beats of thousand drums(Srikhols or Mridangams) and 20/25 thousand devotees participation. Such spontaneous participation of thousands of men &women, ushered in a touch of exquisite bliss and all were overwhelmed with love. According to exact statistical figure there were 1200 drums(Srikhols). In one word, this Nagar kirtan with thousand drums(Maadals) was a grand success. It was a successful endeavour.

Srimat upasakbandhu Brahmachari and Pritambandhu Brahmachari with dignitaries of bangladesh including Goutam Chakravarty, Minister of Bangladesh
Unique, unheard of procession of Sahasra Madal (thousand drum) kirtan in Kolkata  

As if a deluge of naam-flood has descended at the Deshbandhu Park in north Kolkata. Kirtan-Sects, representing various religious ideologies of the whole of West Bengal have assembled. Each sect was lead by a banner-festoon and carried flags in their hands. Each person’s head was decorated with a sun-cap having inscription of Jaaitu Mahanambrata’, beautiful badge on his chest and garland of coloured placard board inscribed with ‘Hare Krishna & Mahanam’. This huge procession started exactly at pm from Shyambazar’s Deshbandhu Park. That was an incredible arrangement. The procession inched forward slowly. Along Raja Dinendra Street, Manicktala Main Road, Kankurgachi, C.I.T. Road via VIP Road, this procession of multi religious- Sect’s congregation, traversed the 12 kilometer stretch and completed its journey at Mahanam Angan north Kolkata’s ethereal atmosphere was agog with the chanting of glory to Mahanambrata, ‘Hare Krishna Naam’ and ‘Haripurush – Jagatbandhu’
Bashirhat Hari Naam Seva Samiti participated in this Nagar (town) kirtan along with huge number of drums and cymbals and took the lead role. Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari was the chief organizer of this procession.

On 2nd January continuous kirtan for 24 hrs on the divine pastime of Sri Sri Radhagovinda was arranged at Mahanam Angan. This was participated by S/Sri Krishna Pal, Anjan Upadhya, Gourchandra Karmakar and Dilip Chowdhury. This 24 hrs kirtan was concluded on the morning of 3rd January with the ‘Kunja’Bhanga’ Kirtan.

Unique rally organised by Mahanam Sevak Sangha with thousand drums where more than ten thousand devotees participated
Mother’s conclave in the centenary celebration

On 3rd January a unique mother’s conclave was organized at the Dias of Raghunathpur Srimati Geeta Guha and Srimati Leela Mazumdar, vice presidents of the centenary committee, took special efforts in organizing this conference. Ascetic Prabrajika Anal Prana of Adyapeeth Sangh was the chair person of this meet. Opening song was presented by Chand Majumdar with the music choreography performed by the students of ‘Sangit-mandir’. Prof Dr. Smt. Himani Chakraborty, Prof Dr. Smt. Sunita Banerjee and Prabrajika Analprana delivered lucid and touchy lectures on the idealism of women and mothers. Famous singers Smt.Manasi Mukherji and Smt. Chitralekha Chowdhury charmed the audience by their devotional songs. Well known elocutionist, Smt. Urmimala Basu presented her recitation. At the end Adyapeeth Balikashram’ staged a devotional drama. The stage was managed by Sravanti Maitra.

This opening ceremony was concluded on 04th January through the rituals of offering to Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar along with his aidies and services rendered to the devotees. Throughout the day fried rice and porridge were distributed among the devotees. The amount of hard work put in by S/Sri Sukharanjan Saha, Nilratana Biswas and Dipak Saha, during this period of 25th December 2003 to 4th January 2004 at Mahanam Angan for the services to the devotees are praise worthy. During the opening ceremony on 27th and 29th December, daily at 10am at Mahanam Angan, regular conferences for the devotees were presided by pandit Sri Bankim Chatterji and Srimat Bandhu Kishore Brahmachari.


During centenary celebration renowned musicians of Kolkata assembled together

It was not a commercial fare and not through the collection of tickets or gate passes; thousands of Kolkatans could enjoy the devotional songs of eminent artists in this centenary celebration, only through their heart felt attractions. Songs were presented by S/Sri Padmashri Manna Dey, Gitashri Chabi Banerji, Haimanti Shukla, Sriradha Banerji, Nirmala Mishra, Rama Mondal, Minati Goswami, Ramkumar Chatterji, Srikumar Chatterji, Amar Pal, Biva Sengupta, Swagata Laxmi Dasgupta, Manasi Mukherji, Dr. Ruma Banerjee and Chitralekha Chowdhuri, Mahija Mukherji captivated the audience with her dance performance on Goriya Dance, Classical Indian dance, Ganesh Puja and Dasabatar Vandana, Devamalya Basak performed Ravindrik dance, Ratan Saha and Pradip Ghosh took part in recitation here of course we must mention the roles played by the artists who sang opening songs on various dates. Sajjita Mazumdar, Chanda Mazumdar, Sharmistha Basu and Gita Saha presented opening songs on different during this celebration Gita Saha brought out a cassette of her songs on Mahanambrataji.

S/Sri Debashis Basu, Krishna Chattopadhy, Srabanti Maitra, Bratati Bhaduri, Maitrey Chowdhuri, Ratnabali Saha, Monoj Chakravarty, Kousik Sen and Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari conducted the programmes on the dias on various days. On the occasion of the monks- meet, the two sessions were conducted by Srimat Swami Prajnananda Saraswati and Srimat Debananda Brahmachari.