List Of the events of centenary celebrations are given below :
Renaming of Narkeldanga North Main Road as Mahanambrata Sarani

The old and conventional road, connecting north Kolkata’s Narkeldanga Main Road and Maniktala Main Road, was well known as ‘Narkel Danga North Main Road.’ Kolkata Corporation renamed it as ‘Mahanambrata Sarani’ on 9th January, at 11 AM of 2005. Of course, a new history was in the making. Honorable Subrata Mukhopadhyay, The Mayor of Kolkata, unveiled the name-plate of the road.
A meeting pandal was erected at the junction of Maniktala Main Road and Narkeldanga North Road. The following dignitaries occupied their seats on the Dias as special gusts:-
Sri Anil Kumar Mukherjee, Chairman, Kolkata Corporation, Prof. Ramaranjan, President, Mahanambrata Centenary Committee, Srimad Bandhudas Brahmachari, President, Mahanam Sect, Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Joint-Secretary, Centenary Committee, Prof. Chidananda Goswami, Dr. S. P. Dey, Srimad Gururaj Kishore Goswami, Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Dr. Utpal Saha, Ratan Dey, Mayor Councillor.
This programme was presided over and conducted by, corporation Councillor, Sri Swapan Samaddar.
After the welcome address of Sri Samaddar, opening song was presented by M/s. Minati Goswami, Sujata Mazumdar, Bratati Bhaduri, Papri Lahiri, Bandana Das and Sumita Dutta Gupta. Musical Inauguration was done through the song = “Key Sei Jyotirmoy, Key Dilo Pari, Se Bhatbarsha Se Nambrata – Mahanambrata Brahmachari.”
There after, Mayor Subrata Mukhopadhyay garlanded the portrait of Mahanambrataji. Later on Upasak Bandhuji, elaborated as to how Mahanambrataji, used to take so much of pains by walking all the way from nearby Mahauddharan Math to Calcutta University for his studies.

Today, it is a matter of great pride and pleasure to us for rightly renaming this road. Chidananda Goswami added that this area was simultaneously inhabited by Swami Vivekananda, by Late 19th Century and it has witnessed the working life of Mahanambrataji, by the beginning of 20th Century. By some invisible signal, this area of Maniktala was associated with the lives and works of India’s tow Great Souls. As there is Vivekananda Sarani and so also nearby Mahanambrata Sarani and this is strangely significant. Sri Goswami thanked Corporation’s Mayor Subrata Mukherjee, President Renaming Committee, Swapan Samaddar and Sri Pratap Chandra Chandra, Sri Amalendu Dey etc. Sri Goswami talked to Sri Subrata Mukherjee in seclusion and put forward a proposal. In his proposal he said – “Today from this Dias I am humbly requesting Mayor Sri Subrata Mukherjee to erect a Marble Statue of Mahanambrataji.”
Public irrupted with rapturous clapping in great delight. In his inaugural address, Subrata Mukherjee sad – “no political ideology can defeat ‘Gita.’ And Mahanambrataji has analyzed ‘Gita’ rather uniquely and amazingly. I salute him most respectfully. From today onwards you start using the new name of this road. From now on, this is not Narkeldanga North Road, but it s ‘Mahanambrata Sarani.’ Let this name be fully established among every body by their concerted efforts.”
The celebration arena was agog with the clapping by all the knowledgeable participants.
Sri Mukhopadhyay continued – “Vaishnavacharya Mahanambrataji, was such a person that he was ever remembered by all in the morning. We feel ourselves to be glorified. He does not lose or gain by renaming or not doing so, the name of the road. But we feel proud by dong so! I don’t think this narrow road enough for such a man of big personality. I would have been happy by renaming a wider road, instead. Many of us don’t show enough respect to our own people, and only behave crazily for the foreigners. I would, request you to be a good human being; be a true Indian. Try to respect the most revered and creative sons of India and then be international citizens. Mahanambrataji, through his writings and lectures, repeatedly urged every body to acquire ‘Humanity.’ Any way, for such an adorable person, this sort of nomenclature of a road was required. We needed badly a tradition for our society. I do promise, you help Swapan by sharing with him your thoughts. What to talk about a marble statue, I would even try to definitely erect a bronze statue in his Honour. I have realized that Mahanambrata was not a person for any particular sect. Such people do come at every ages for the benefit of the country, society and the people n general.”
Prof. Ramaranjan Mukhopadhyay stated that Mahanambrata has earned eternity in the annals of not only in this country, but all over the world through his spiritual philosophy, love and humane-feelings. I extend my congratulations to Subrata Mukherjee – like my student, who has caused glory & proud to us by executing such a being act. Behind this magnanimous activity of renaming, the person who has earned sincere and respectful acknowledgement from lovers of Mahanambrata for his untiring efforts, was Sri Swapan Samaddar, the in charge of building deptt. of Kolkata, Mayor Council. In his crisp valedictory address he presented vote of thanks and brought the curtains down to this conclave. Sri Ashish Das, Asst. Secretary of Mahanam Birth Centenary Committee, helped by his sincere hard work and cooperation to make this programme a grand success.
At the end of this conclave, Honourable Mayor along with the full council members visited Mahauddharan Math. He entered the specific room that was associated with various memories of Dr. Mahanambrataji for a long half-century, watched the deities for a long time and accepted offerings. Recently, since 1997, renovation work was carried out in Mahauddharan Math. This invited imposition of new corporation tax on the whole math. He accepted the proposal of writing off that corporation tax and assured on this aspect.

Sriman Mahanam Brata Birth Centenary Celebration at Maldah

From 16th to 20th September, 2004, Sriman Mahanambrataji’s Birth Centenary was celebrated with gaity and fan-fare at Maldah Town Hall. Earlier, a beautiful centenary was arranged at Old – Maldah. Now, this was organized at Maldah Town. This four-day long celebration was organized under the Presidentship of Eminent Devotee Subhash Chowdhury (Recently Demised) and inaugurated through a ‘Nagar Sankirtan.’ Starting from Bandhu Sevika Sangha, behind the Mahaskamana Temple, it toured various parts of the town, accompanied by 150 drummers, and ended at the Vrindavani Ground. Those who participated in this wide varieties of programmes were:- Srimad Devananda Brahmachari, Srimad Divyananda Swami, Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Chief Executive of Municipality Krishnendu Narayan Chowdhury, ABA Gani Khan Chowdhury, Tapan Sikdar, Sailen Sarkar (Minister W.B.) Nikhil Gupta, Santosh Chakravarty, Goutam Chakravarty, Bibhuti Bhushan Ghose, Niranjan Sinha, Hemanta Boral, Khagesh Ghosh, Anjali Gupta etc. Cultural programme was studded with eminent artists like:- Sri Sri Amar Pal, Ninoy Roy, Sabita Kumar, Sujata Ghosh, Ruma Poddar, Saswati Das, Manoj Chakravarty, Nivedita Sarkar, Sumana and Sanhita etc. Sri Krishna Pal Presented ‘Padavali Kirtan’ on two consecutive days.
Those who participated specially to conduct this programme successfully were:- Sri Sri Shyamal Saha, Sribas Kundu, Khagesh Ghosh, Mihir Sarkar, Seba Agarwal and Ruma Poddar etc.

Birth Centenary Celebration of Sri Mahanambrataji at Krishnanagar (26th & 27th September – 2004)

Under the joint auspices of Local Centenary Celebration Committee and Sri Sri Mahendra Bandhu Angan Ghurni Math, a two day long celebration was arranged in the open air stage of Krishnanagar Public Library (Town Hall) from 26th to 27th September, 2004. Sri Shyamalendu Sarkar, Sri Satyendra Biswas and Srimad Rasabandhu Brahmachari, were President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Srimad Bishnu Das Babaji from Nabadwip Dham, inaugurated the convention. Along these two day long discussion session, the following dignitaries presented their thoughts:-
Srimad Brindavan Bihari Das – Kathiababa, Srimad Kinkar Samananda, Sri Gorachand Bhattacharya, Srimad Banamali Goswami, Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Sri Sirajul Islam, Sri Suvendu Kumar Sidhanta, Prof. Sirpad Das, Dr. Haran Bandhu Brahmachari etc. The ‘Sri Khetra’ organization of Nabadwip Dham enacted dance-drama of ‘Krishna-Leela’ and the acting of ‘Sur-Tal’ - group of Krishnanagar enchanted the audience to a great extent.

Sri Mahanam Centenary Celebration and ‘Aparadh Bhanjan’ Remembrance at Mahauddharan Math, Maniktala, Kolkata
Mahanambrata Birth Centenary Celebration was started at Mahauddharan Math through the week-long studies of Sri Sri Bandhu Leela Tarangini. The following participated in the studies:- Srimad Bandhudas Brahmachari, Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Srimad Bandhu Sundarahanda Brahmachari, Srimad Bandhu Karuna Das, Sri Biplab Gupta, Sri Dinabandhu Kolay, Sri Nimai Bhattacharya. On the last day Akhand Sri Sri Bandhuleela Tarangini-Treatise Coverage, Arati and Worshipping was conducted. On 17th October, a commemorative memorial service was conducted in honour of Sriman Mahanambrataji. This religious conference was presided over by the President of Howrah Ramrajatala Math, Srimad Swami Prajnananda Saraswati. The following luminaries presented their thoughts:- Srimad Bandhu Das Brahmachari, Srimad Gourav Bandhu Brahmachari, and Professor of Bangabasi College Dr. Arup Ranjan Pradhan. On 18th October ‘Hare-Krishna Nam Kirtan’ and on 19th October Mahanam Sankirtan was organized. In the evening ‘Arati’ was conducted with the accompanied of 14 Madals (Drums).

Birth Centenary Celebration of Mahanambrataji at Sodpur

On 3rd October, 2004 a huge ‘Nagar Kirtan’ procession, slowly approached the ‘Panihati-Lok-Sanskriti Bhavan’ Sodpur, chanting ‘Bala Jai Jagatbandhu Bol, Haribol, Haribol’ and as soon as it entered the building, the whole ambiance was ringing with the vibrations of the Kirtan’s Tune. On that day, under the joint sponsorship of Mahanam Sevak Sangha, Sodpur, Branch and Central Birth Centenary Committee for celebration of Mahanambratas Birthday, arranged the Birth Centenary of ‘Bharat-Siromoni-Mahamohopadhya, Vaishnavacharya, Love r of Humanity – Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari.
After the chanting of benign slokas by Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, a very captivating, enchanting religious tributes was presented, through the blowing of Conch-shells, Yaudling, and Lighting of Lamps. Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Secretary of the Sangh, presented his welcome address after chanting the hymns of invoking Sri Gurudev – “Yasha Smaranang Matreyna, Gyanang Utpadyatey Swayam. Sa Eba Sarbasampannah Tasmai Sri Gurabey Namah.” With the chanting of Guru’s praises by Bishnu Ghosh and Text-Recitals by Prabir Ghosh, opening song, composed and choreographed by Prof. Chidananda Goswami, was presented by M/s. Nupur Som, Namita Ghosh, Nandita Ghosh, Mithu, Payel and Artists of ‘Chanda-Nir.’
Among the speakers, there were eminent luminaries like Prof. Biswanath Roy, representing Sri Arobindo Society, Secretary, Rahara Ramkrishna Mission, Boys-Home, Srimad Swami Jayanandaji Maharaj, Prof. Srimad Kinkar Samananda of Omkarnathji’s Mahamilan Math, Mahanta Srimad Dr. Brindavan Bihari Das – Kathiababa, of Sukhchar’s Kathiababa Ashram, decorated the chair of the president of the conference. The audience, were enthralled to hear from different speakers that ‘Consciousness, Devotion, Truthfulness, Respect and Feeling. Spirituality is the only means to remain in the state of wellness. The ‘Crux’ of all religion is the all round benign of the whole world. The dance performance of Child Artist Subhasri Ghosh and Dwaipayan Chowdhuri was simply exquisite. Dr. Sumitra Chowdhury, Presented the vote of thanks.

Centenary Celebration at Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India

Dr. Mahanam Bratajis, Birth Centenary was celebrated through a one day programme at Jalpaiguri, North Bengal on 30th October, 2004. On Saturday at 3 PM, the Birth Centenary was inaugurated with a 100 Drums Sankirtan procession. This colourful procession originated from Jogmaya Kalibari, Toured the entire town, and finally terminated at Ghoshpara Harimandir via Pandapara Seshbati at 5 PM. Thereafter, the commemorative meeting started there itself. Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimad Gourav Bandhu Brahmachari and Mohanta of Local Gourya Math placed their thoughts at the religious meet. At the conclusion of this meet, the President of Jalpaiguri Branch and Sri Gurudev’s much adorable Sri Gopaldhan Chakravarty presented vote of thanks to all. Devotee Nani Gopal Rai Karmakar, played a special role in successful conducting this whole event.

Sri Mahanambrataji’s Birth Centenary Celebration at Siliguri, West Bengal, India

Siliguri is the best city of North Bengal and the second largest city of West Bengal. At the outskirt of this city, at a place called ‘Ghoghomali,’ the ancient temple of Sri Sri Radha Govinda is located. This temple at a later stage was taken over by Mahanam sect and along with it a temple of Sri Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundar was constructed. It was renamed as Sri Sri Radhamadhav Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Mandir. The citizens of Siliguri, celebrated the birth centenary of Sri Mahanambrataji, on a 2-day long programme between 31st October and 1st November. ‘Nagar-Kirtan’ and ‘Religious-Conclave’ was organized on the first day. On the second day, dawn to dusk ‘Mahanam Kritan’ was performed and ‘Mahaprasad’ was distributed at midday. For proper execution of these programmes, smoothly, we must acknowledge the untiring hard-labour and efforts put in by:- Srimad Gopibandhu Brahmachari, Srimad Bandhusudha Brahmachari, Srimad Raibandhu Brahmachari, Sri Narayan Rai Karmakar (President), Sri Nirendranath Sen (Secretary) and Sri Manabendra Nath Sarkar (Convenor & Treasurer).

Sri Mahanambrata Birth Centenary Celebration At Habra, West Bengal, India
On 6th December, through short & sweet one day programme, Sri Mahanambrata Birth Centenary was celebrated at the Durga Mandir, at Habra Bazar. At 9 AM in the morning a colourful procession of ‘Nagar-Sankirtan’ was taken out from the Big Play Ground of Ashok Nagar. Traveling all through the streets of Asokenagar, it culminated at Habra Bazar by midday. The atmosphere were charged with the boisterous chanting of ‘Harinaam’ by the huge procession. Thereafter, the religious conclave started. Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari and Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, discussed at length, on the life and philosophy of Sri Guru Maharaj. After this religious meet offerings were served and Prasad was distributed in a disciplined manner.

Sri Mahanambrata Birth Centenary Celebration at Nagar Ukhra, West Bengal, India

Sri Sri Mahanam Brata mission at Nagar Ukhra in Nadia, has passed through 12 long years successfully and established itself as a special educational institute and a voluntary organization, earning plenty of respect & admiration from the local population. On 6th and 7th December, the mission authorities celebrated Sri Mahanambrataji’s Birth Centenary in its own school premises; through religious conference, cultural programmes by the students, presentation of devotional songs and kirtans. On the first day Srimad Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimad Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari and Sri Biplab Gupta presented their lectures.

Paying Respectful Tributes to Sri Mahanam Brataji at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Tripura Lover’s Association and M.B.B. College – Alumni Association, recently arranged a programme to pay their respectful homage, to the visionary of humanity and world famous philosopher Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari, at Gandhi Bhavan Campus of Jadavpur University. It was followed by Vijoya Get-together.
Prof. Chidananda Goswami presided over this function, while the Chief Guest was eminent educationist and a friend of Mahanambrataji, Dr. Sacchidananda Dhar.
Dr. Dhar, in his address, stated that Dr. Mahanambrataji, through his concept of humanity, spirituality, universal love and educational philosophy has not only glorified Bengal, but also the whole world. He can be aptly called an international Indian personality. Two songs of Mahanambrataji, were sung, in this programme. Besides, in the Vijoya-Get-Together a musical-tablow was presented by ‘Gitikanan’s’ Minati Goswami, Bratati Bhaduri, Sajjita Mazumdar, Shyamali Dutta, Chanda Saha etc. Bratati Bhaduri and Chidananda Goswami took charge of presenting the narratives and dialogues. Besides, songs were sung by Sarbani Bandopadhya, Rudrani Chanda, Sridhar Gupta, Jayati Bandopadhya, Purbita Haldar (Rao), Shanta Thakur, Srinwanti Dasgupta, Ranen Dasgupta, Pranesh Som, etc. Pranav Das and Sourav Goswami accompanied in tabla. Welcome address was presented by Vice President of the Committee, Sri Dipak Kumar Chowdhuri and Secretary Benudhar Goswami delivered introductory lecture. Dr. Gopal Chakravarty was felicitated on the Dias. Smt. Purbita Haldar conducted the whole programme.