List Of the events of centenary celebrations are given below :
Centenary Celebrations at Shilchar, Assam
Mahanambrata Centenary was celebrated at Assam’s Hill Town Shilchar, at the Mahanam villa by Mahanam Sevak Sangha through various programmes during the three days between 24th to 26th December 2003. These celebrations included religious conferences, mobile kirtan in town, cultural programmes, devotional songs and super celebrations etc. people of Shilchar brought out a memorandum pamphlet on this occasion of centenary celebration Dr. Ujjal Kundu participated in these programme at Silchar, representing West Bengal.
Centenary Celebrations at Burnpur, West Bengal

This steel city of Burnpur is associated with many memoirs of Mahanambrataji. Here at the ground attached to the market post office, a nine day long celebration of Sri Sri Prabhu’s 133rd birthday and centenary celebration of Mahanambrata Brahmachariji's birthday was observed with great gusto. All such programmes, like reciting from Srimad Bhagavad, kirtan on divine-pastime, naam rituals, discussions and deliberations, mobile-town kirtan, distribution of sacred offerings etc, were carried out nicely and smoothly. Celebrations were inaugurated on 10th January. Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Sri Purnachandra Chattoraj, Sri Nitai Charan Biswas and Sri Nupurvijay Biswas presented their lectures in the short religious conference in the evening of 10th January. A mobile- town Kirtan was organized on 11th morning. Male devotees wore sun-caps inscribed Jayatu Mahanambrata and clad in t-shirts with the photos of Jagatbandhu and Mahanambrata and their instructions. Female devotees wore red-bordered white saris. With their fore heads decorated by sandal –wood paste tilak, they walked all through the road chanting Harinaam. It was an exquisite sight, when they treaded the roads of Burnpur, chanting Hari naam. The huge oil portrait of Mahanambrataji was carried in a chariot like well decorated vehicle as a front runner. Along with that monks like Srimat Brindabandasji, Upasak Bandhu, Bandhu Gauravji and Bigyan bandhuji and the troupe of kirtan singers walked on. A religious convention was arranged in the evening. The main orators were Srimat Brindabandas- kathiababa, Srimat Kinkar Samananda, Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, and Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari. The whole of this nine day celebrations were conducted efficiently by Sri Dipak Saha.



Centenary Celebrations at Palta, West Bengal

At the outskirts of Kolkata, near Barrackpore at the ground of Netaji Sangha near Palta Station, centenary celebration of Mahanambrataji was organized for six days from 15th to 20th January 2004. the Barrackpore –Palta branch of Mahanam Sevak Sangha organize big celebrations, spanning a few days, every year in this area. This year’s celebration was of specials importance than other years. In front of a huge and well decorated Pandal, there was a make shift office where Mahanambrataji’s life was displayed through pictures. On 15th January, at 1pm, Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari inaugurated the celebration programme by releasing 100 ballons in the sky. There after, a colourful procession was taken out with the oil paintings of Sri Sri Prabhu-Jagat-Bandhusundar and our mentor accompanied by 108 drums. In the evening 100 lamps were lighted up. Then, the religious conference was started with the benign-chanting by Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmacharji. S/Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Devananda Brahmachari Ranga Thakur, Swami Prajnanda Saraswati and Bandhugourav Brahmachari took part ion delivering their speeches, later on Sri Anjan Upadhya presented Padabali Kirtan. The religious conclave of 16th January was participated by Srimat Upasak-Bandhu Brahmachari, Dr. Ujjalla Kundu, Dr. Dhyanesh Narayan Chakravarty, and Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari. After the lectures, Sri Parikhit Bala presented devotional songs amidst a huge audience.

17th January was marked by religious oration by Sri Gorachand Bhattacharya, this was followed by renderation of devotional songs by Khokan Biswas (Nattya Co. Famed) Ramkumar Chattopadhya and Srikumar Chattopadhya on 18th there was 24 hours continuous Harinam rituals, 19th was packed with 24hrs continuous kirtan on divine-pastime, 20th January was full of sacred offerings, great-celebrations and blanket distribution. In the same evening devotional songs were presented by Sri Ram Kanai Das and at 6pm a famous yatra- nader nimai was staged by Howrah samaj.


Centenary Celebrations at Dharmanagar, Tripura

In this eastern town of hilly Tripura, the disciples of Mahanam Sevak Sangha celebrated the centenary celebrations of Mahanambrataji through various 2 days long programmes on 20th and 21st January. The celebration took off through a colourful ‘Nagar Kirtan’ under the sacred presence and guidance of Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmacharji from Sri Sri Mahanam Angan, Kolkata. Discussions were held on the life and philosophy of Vaishnava-charya Sriman Mahanambrataji at the religious conference on 21st January, afternoon.


Centenary Celebrations at Karimganj, Assam

From 23rd to 25th January the auspicious centenary celebrations on Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachariji was organized with great fan-fare at Assam’s Karimganj. A small religious conference was arranged at 11am in the morning, under the auspices of Honourable Governor of Mizoram, Sri Kohli. After the conclusion lectures a procession dharma jagaran was taken out from the fields of Karimganj college with benign chanting of Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, the first days religious conference started at 3 pm Prof. Sukhendu Shekhar Dutta, the chief organizer of this celebration delivered the introductory lecture. Welcome address and secretarial lecture were presented by Dr. Radhika Ranjan Chakravarty and Sri Shibabrata Saha, respectively. Prabhupad Binod Kishore Goswami (president), Dr. Swami Prajnadas Kathiababa (Agradwip), Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Prabhupad Sri Balaram Goswami, Sri Gorachand Bhattacharya, Sri Sirajul Islam, Sri Milan Dutta, Sri Ramendra Bhattacharya, Prabhupad Jiban- Krishna Goswami (President), Srimat Brindavan Bihari Das Kathiababa, Srimat Debananda Brahmachari, Srimat Kinkar Samananda, Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari Dr. Sri Tapas Sankar Dutta, Sri Atin Das, Dr. Dhyanesh Narayan Chakravarty, Srimat Swami Hiranmayananda (President) Srimat Swami Suparnandaji, Srimat Kanupriya Goswami, Sri Aurobindo Bhattacharya, Sri Nirmal Kanti Goswami, Sri Arobindoo Roy etc offered their valuable presentations all through the three day long celebrations. Besides this, local well established artists too part in songs, recitations, drama, kirtan etc in the cultural programmes. The complete programme was successfully conducted by the joint efforts of Dr. Sukhendu Sekhar Dutta and Sri Chana Majumdar. A beautiful commemorative book named ‘hey ananta ananda, hey ananta bismay’ was published under the editorship of Srimati Supti Dutta.


Centenary Celebrations at Sri Nabadwip Dham, West Bengal

Before the 33rd Annual celebration of Mahanam sect at Nabadwip, a there day long centenary celebration of Srimat Mahanambrataji was observed through various programmes. This programme was organized jointly between 28th to 30th January at Radhabazar park under the auspices of a committee formed by eminent local residents, and Mahanam Math. On 28th January at 3pm a ‘town-kirtan’ was organized from Poramatala- the central spot of Nabadwip –‘Mahanam Math’ with the accompaniment of 108 drums and devotees singings ‘Bala Jai Jagatbandhu Bol, gour Hari, Hari bol all the way. With the active and spontaneous participation of Bashirhat Harinam Seva Samiti, this procession toured various areas of Nabadwip for one and half hour and ultimately terminated at the Vivekananda open forum at Radhabazar. Thereafter, the religious conclave started at 3.30pm on this beautifully decorated and exquisitely illuminated stage the following luminaries presented their first day’s glowing tributes to Mahanambrataji:-
Srimat Devananda Brahmachari (inaugurator), Srimat Bandhu Kishore Brahmachari, Srimat Dishnudas Babaji (President), Srimat Swami Pranjananda Saraswati, Sri Subroto Mukhoti, Sri Tushar Acharya, Sri Biswanath Mitra, Sri Shyamal Ghosh, Tridandiswami, Srimat Bhaktibedanta Acharya, Srimat Swami Tyagananda, Srimat Swami Mukteswarananda, Dr. Kumarnath Bhattacharya (president, centenary celebration committee, Nabadwip), Sri Chidannanda Goswami, Sri Santi Ranjan Goswami and Sirajul Islam (Joint Secretary)
Those who paid homages on the second day were:-
Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Swami Suparhananda, Dr. Ujjalla Kundu, Maa Sumitra Puri, Swami Taijasanandan Giri, Mihir Kumar Goswami, Prof. Arun Kumar Chakravarty, Dr. Atulchandra Saha, Srimat Gour Maharaj, Sri Bhuvan Bharati and Srimat Bigyan Bandhu Brahmachari.

On third day- Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Srimat Kinkar Samananda, (president), Sri Simachal Goswami (Chief Guest), Srimat Dribubananda Saraswati, Srimat Ataldas Babaji, Srimat Nityajukta Nanda Abadhut, Sri Brindavan Dhar Goswami, Srimat Jagattaran Das Brahmachari, Sri Gorachand Bhattacharya (vice president) and Sri Rammohan Bhowmick (joint Secretary), enthralled the audience with their superb oratory.

Notable personalities who contributed in songs and cultural programmes were: Sri Bishnu Prasad Goswami (Mahaprabhu temple) Sri Sukhdev Goswami (Classical-vocal), Srimati Minati Goswami (Radio Artist), Dr. Ruma Bandopadhya (T.V. Artist), Sri Chandiprasad Bandopadhya, Artists from Puri (Sri Khetra) (dance drama on Bhanu-Singha’s padabali), Sri Mriganka Dey (Folk baul) and Srimati Sharmistha Sarkar. On the last day t 7 pm Howrah Samaj staged their famous yatra-episode “Nadeyr Nimai”. On this final ay a special function was organized to felicitate eminent personalities 35 young and senior citizens of various social status of Nabadwip Dham were felicitated by offering body scarf. Adorations and commemorative plaques- students and teachers of Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundar school played a key role in executing these programme successfully and smoothly. A special request in the form of an application, has been submitted to me Nabadwip Municipality for naming a street by the name of our Acharya Dev. It was informed that a commemorative treatise is going to be published.


Centenary Celebrations at Kolkata Book Fair – 2004 held at Kolkata Maidan (Feb 1st Week 2004)

In memoriam of the birth centenary a grand book stall (double of the size usually taken every year) with equally exquisite decorations was put up at the Kolkata Book Fair by Mahanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust.
Beside this a memorial gate named ‘Mahanam Gate’ was erected in book fair and a seminar was organized there on 7th February 2004 in the Air-conditioned Auditorium at the Book Fair ground.

Subject of discussion at the seminar was : ‘Mahanambrata Brahmachari – In Light of Centenary Celebrations’.

Following dignitaries presented lectures at the seminar.

Dr. Amalendu Dey, President, Asiatic Society : Being a historian, he described the works and contributions of Dr. Brahmachari at America and Indian Sub continent from a historical point of view. He also observed reflections of contribution of Prabhu Jagadbandhu in Mahanambrataji’s voluminous works.
Dr.Nityananda Saha, Vice Chancellor, Kalyani University : He spoke about the contributions of Dr. Brahmachari in the field of Education & humanity.
Srimat Kinkar Shyamanandaji (Mahamilan Math), Prof. Sanskrit College & Kolkata Univ : He thoroughly described the religious, Moral and Social contributions of Dr. Brahmachari.